9 Easy Firefighter Christmas Gifts

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Originally Published November 2022, Updated November 2023

Firefighter Christmas Gifts are sometimes hard to find, especially if you are looking for something unique and useful!

Sure, we could go with a totally ridiculous gag gift like this decon soap that labeled as a “lump of coal” , or we could do something generic like a tshirt (not recommend though, there’s tons of great items below!

For those of you that would like something related to Firefighting that your Firefighter will love, we’ve got 9 absolutely great gifts for this Christmas Season!

and if we’re talking about Firefighter Christmas Gifts, it’s only fitting that you discover these cute (and one really hideous) firefighter themed Christmas Trees! Who knows, you might just get inspired!

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Tips for giving gifts to Fire Fighters at Christmas 🎄

When it comes to giving gifts, sometimes the way you give it matters more than what the gift actually is.

After all, people want you to think about them- and they don’t want a gift “just because” you had to for the holiday.

If there is a way to make this gift special, I would encourage you to attempt to make this memorable instead of ‘just another christmas present’.

Some ideas include:

  • making this a silly scavenger hunt with a few items spread throughout the house
  • Giving the gift the night before Christmas as a suprise
  • Writing a personal note that includes words that would let them know how special they are
  • taking the gift and wrapping it inside several boxes, then hiding all the knives and scissors so they have to “work for it”‘
  • making the gift an experience instead of a physical item.

However you give the gift, in the most NON CHEESY WAY EVER… just remember that the best gifts come from the heart. Ask friends or family if you aren’t sure what to get, or even consider a default like a new piece for a hobby or a massage.

Firefighter Gifts For Christmas

Gift One- The Leatherman

  1. 🎄 We’re gonna cut right to the chase and start with the best one first. These are consistently ordered from my site ( and I don’t even care if competitors know this) because this tool is so versatile and useful for firefighters- it’s a no brainer!

I present to you the leatherman shears.

These bad boy shears do all kinds of things both on the job and off. Great for cutting through clothing, seatbelts, and anything else preventing your Firefighter from helping the community, Raptor Shears are in a category of their own!

And with 5000+ 5 star reviews, you know amazon isn’t lying either 👏👏👏 Raptor Shears are the number one thing that come to mind when someone says. “what do I get my Firefighter” – just make sure you keep the receipt save because they have a 25 year warranty!

Gift Two- Custom Tumbler

2. 🎁 The next one is also a best seller because it’s simple, easy and FIREFIGHTERS LOVE IT!

Obviously, I’m talking about a custom tumbler

Custom tumblers are a top seller and it’s easy to see why. They are the perfect mix between useful and fun. I see Firefighters at the station with custom Tumblers all the time, and my husband loves to get them because he won’t accidentally drink someone else’s! Plus, there’s something great about custom tumblers- for my husband it’s that he brings it home and actually cleans it because it’s not easily replaceable.

Now if only I could get him to bring in all the silverware and coffee mugs from his car!

Gift Three- Life Saving Lights

3. 🎁 Number 3 is rolling over to another useful gift but a good one that could save their life.

Let’s talk about flashlights for firefighters. I’m going to cover a few here if your interested in gifting your firefighter. Some stations supply these, but flashlights are something that always get used. In fact, I like to get my husband flashlights specifically because I know they won’t just end up in a drawer somewhere!

So we’ve got the gearlight pocket flashlight, and with a 2 pack costing less than 20 dollars, it’s a stocking stuffer gift in my house. You’ll like the 3000+ 5 star reviews, and your Firefighter will appreciate the 2 pack for when the first one gets misplaced (because you know it’s gonna happen!)

Streamlight is an incredible brand for first responders, and with a reputation to uphold, you know that you are purchasing quality and longevity. There are three streamlights I’d recommend depending on what you want for your Firefighter.

Why Streamlight? Because your Firefighter can use it with gloves on.

If it’s a light you’d want your Firefighter to use with their gear (especially if you have a volunteer who might not get supplied a light by the station), You’d want this Streamlight flashlight that can be attached to bunker gear and easily used with gloves.

Last, but most recommended (and most pricey) is this Streamlight Helmet Flashlight that attaches to the helmets. Highly recommended because it stays attached (so no fumbling on scene looking for a light) and rated for use with Firefighters. When I published this gift guide, it was actually on sale for 50% off- check to see if it’s still discounted!

Gift Four- Portable Charger

4. 🎁 So your firefighter is at work, He’s running calls (or she because this guide is gender neutral for all the baddies out there protecting our cities) and you can’t get ahold of him! Why? His phone died…

Naturally my husband uses his phone all day at work. From research, GPS, ordering food, and texting me (plus the occasional instagram pictures) it’s no wonder his super smart phone takes a crap!

The solution is none other than a portable charger. Not just any charger will do though, instead we need to give a portable charger with a solar power option. Obviously so that they can charge it on the go (And hopefully have it charged before night time hits!)

Gift Five- Budget Leather Strap Glove Holder

5.🎁 You want a custom gift that won’t break the bank? You got it!

I present to you the custom leather strap glove holder . This nifty contraption can be blazoned with their name and then used on their turnout gear (or do you say bunker gear) and hold their ever important pair of gloves!

Fantastic for gearing up, and it’s something they already use! Now it’s new and with their name on it.

Gift Six- Toiletry Bags for Long Shifts

6. 🎁 Next up we’re going to talk about bathroom breaks. No, no, not how long your firefighter takes on the toilet (because mine takes forever 🙄)

instead we’re geeking out over these stylish Bunker gear toiletry bags. Perfect for keeping all of the stuff needed for the station so your Firefighter stays nice and fresh!

Bonus, add in some items that he loves (or maybe some toiletry items you’d like him to try!)

Gift Seven- A love token to keep firefighters safe

7. 🎁 You knew I’d get sappy on here (and if you’re new, welcome to the honesty that I will eventually talk about your mental wellness- you’ve been warned) so up next we’re gabbing over love tokens.

A love token is a must have for every firefighter, and it’s only slightly superstitious. Basically, love tokens help to keep firefighters aware and safe while they are on the job. My husband has one, and you can read all about the history and why I highly recommend them.

Gift Eight – The gift of time

8. 🎁 Certainly we’ve got to include the ever important, “gift of time” in this easy gift guide.

This can be time with you (like a date night idea) or it can be time with friends or time alone.

And hint, don’t just say, take tomorrow off, but instead try to plan things. If it is time with a spouse, make it special and fun. If it’s time with friends, buy gift cards or food they might enjoy.

Firefighter Gift Idea Nine – Massage certificate or machine

9. 🎁 Last but not least we’ve come to a must need gift that changed the game for my firefighter (and has some good reviews online too!)

I’m talking about Massage! The perfect way to get rid of those tight muscles from lifting house and equipment (or patients) and releasing some of that stress!

Don’t think your Firefighter would go in for a massage?

Then order him a massage machine or get a nice set of massage oils to do it yourself. If you go the DIY method, might I suggest this list of cute maternity and newborn pictures KIDDING 😜… kinda. Be Safe out there Friends!

Wrapping up easy Christmas Gifts for Firefighters

So there you have it, the simpliest gift guide I’ve ever written! Easy, straightforward, and straight from my old sappy fire wife heart (love my thin red line family when yall aren’t acting like FOOLS- no pun intended 😜)

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