7 Fun Firefighter Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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The Holidays are here again and, if you have kids, it’s time to break out the Elf on the Shelf! Firefighter families, and those regular families looking for some firefighter flair, love to get their elf in some firefighter predicaments!

And I can’t blame them- Firetrucks and rescues are so much fun for everyone in the family to get involved with! Plus, these Elf Ideas would be the perfect compliment to Firefighter Themed Christmas Trees 😄

Below you’ll find some easy, and some really funny, Firefighter Elf on the Shelf Ideas for your Christmas time fun! And if your a last minute parent (like me!) I’m sure you’ll appreciate these great ideas with things lying around your house!

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Supplies Needed for your Fire Fighter Elf

Most of these need a signature piece, which would be the Firetruck! Grab any firetrucks or rescue vehicles that you have for these Firefighter Elf scenes below.

Missing a firetruck? Grab it with same day delivery from Target!

And, might I also suggest some firefighter gear for your cute elf scout! ✨Like this turnout gear outfit!

You can find Black, Tan and Red Turnouts on etsy!

Oh and there’s this super perfect✨ thin red line elf sweater (and it’s also pretty cheap too!) This shop also has thin blue sweaters and thin gold line sweaters for our first responder family! 😄😄

For all of the Paw Patrol Fans, there’s even an Elf Sweater to celebarate! The one I got my son for his Elfie, with Paw Patrol Marshal embroidered on the sweater.

Why Elf on the Shelf is a great Holiday Tradition 🎁

Some of you might have stumbled onto this post and might not understand why Elf on the Shelf is so *magical*. So I’ll try to explain it in less than a paragraph.

The gist of the story is that you get an Elf for your family (or several) and they are “scouts” that report back to Santa each night on the happenings of the day. This encourages children to act appropriately and do their best because the “elf is always watching”

How to use these Firefighter Elf on the Shelf Ideas

You can use them all below, or you can just pick your favorite Firefighter Elf Idea. Some families only do elf for the 12 days leading up to Christmas (that’s what we do!) other people do the whole month of december (which I feel can be stressful)

Since we’re only doing the “12 days of Christmas” with our Elf, I’m going to combine the firefighter ideas below with some police elf ideas (and two random ones I know my kids will like!)

🎄 Before we get to the Ideas, here are some Tips for Making this Elf on the Shelf Set up Extra Magical 🎄

-planning ahead is the key, and it’s a big reason why I only do 12 days of the Elf. But even if you want to do 30 days, 25 days, or 5 days, having some ideas stored in your phone or saved on your Pinterest can make it easy to set up your Elf the night before!

-Set a timer in your phone so you remember to put the Elf in it’s new position! This way you won’t forget to move them after the kids are asleep. (here’s some excuses to tell the kids if you do forget to move your elf!)

-don’t do anything messy (like with eggs) because your Elf is supposed to stay in the same place all day (unless you move the Elf which we’ve taught the kids they aren’t supposed to do)

Elf on the Shelf Firefighter Ideas

Firefighter Elf on the Shelf Holiday Fun

Before you go 🎁

I just wanted you to know if you need more ideas, there are some really cool options on the Elf on the Shelf website- and specifically, these free printables! These are great ideas when you don’t want to get too messy or hunt online for options!

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf Firefighter Idea to share? I’d love to see a Wildland Fire related one, or dare I say it, fire/medical one!

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