Firefighter Christmas Santa Letter- Free Printable 🎄

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Sometimes being in a firefighter family means rescheduling the holidays! Enjoy this letter from Santa to arrange an alternative delivery date for presents and the perfect way to explain what happens when Firefighters need to work on the 25th.

Christmas is always a fun time to get together and enjoy the season. But what happens when some of your family members can’t make it on December 25th? 😱😱😱

This has certainly been a problem that families have gotten create with but there are some great alternatives and solutions for holidays as a fire family.

So here’s something for all the kids! 

This Printable Santa Letter lets you choose an alternative date for easy explanation. Did I mention it’s FREE? Yeah- we want to give you the solutions you need to make this Fire Family Lifestyle less crazy 👍

I mean- it’s SO CUTE! and you can use it year after year! Even when the kids are older- it’s still something that you can do to let them know that your Firefighter will need some Extra time on the 25th!

How should you Deliver The Alternative Santa Letter?

Before we get to the letter, let’s talk about the delivery!

Sure, you could just hand it to the kids and call it a day, but that’s not super special. After all, you went through the effort of getting this letter and printing it out, so let’s make it special!

One way to do this is with the Elf of the Shelf. There are several really great firefighter elf on the shelf setups, or you could come up with something else creative!

If you aren’t doing Elf, you can always tie it to your Firefighter themed Christmas tree to say it was specially delivered.

The Holidays aren’t always easy as a Firefighter Family!

I just want to share that you aren’t alone when it comes to the holidays and things being kinda wacky.

In the last 5 years we’ve only celebrated Christmas on the 25th ONE time- all the other times we’ve done it before or after the date to accomadate the fire schedule!

And it’s something that the kiddos don’t always understand- that’s why we’ve got tips for managing the holidays with the kids when you are a fire family!

Also know that the stress levels are VERY high- you aren’t alone with that either. I know now to expect my Firefighter to be alittle high strung and we have some plans in place (like more exercise and emphasize on sleep!) to get through the holidays as festive and cheery as we can! You can read more about Holiday Stress for Firefighter here.

Last but not least, Christmas is the perfect time to refresh on some incredible verses God has shared in His word just for you! There’s 10 verses that really talk to Firefighters, and we’ve got all of them in this bible verse collection for when your ready to hear from the One who loves you more than anything else in this universe!

Last thing!

Last minute gifts are totally a thing around here, and maybe for you too! If that’s the case we’ve got two easy gift guides. One for the Firefighters and another for the Fire Wives.

Kids are pretty easy to shop for, but if you need something that doesn’t make noise or drive you up the wall crazy, do head over to this highly recommended collection of Firefighter Books for young kids!

FREE firefighter Santa Alternative Delivery Letter!

Ok fire family! Here’s how this works. You just click on the link and it will take you to the drop box. Save the image and print. TADA! Easy Peasy!

Would love to see your letters on social media, tag me on Instagram at Fire.Dept.Family

Click to open the Santa Delivery Letter (Scroll down to grab the non santa letter!)

Not feeling the Santa Letter?

Generic works just as well. 😉

Click the Link to get the NON santa generic Alternative Delivery Letter!

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