Festive Firefighter Christmas Tree Ideas for home and fire station!

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Firefighter Christmas Trees are a fun and festive way to brighten up your space! Perfect for the fire station, both in the office christmas decorations and for the bays, festive christmas trees with bunker gear are a hit!

Of course, you can also decorate your tree at home, or even at another public place, in celebration of our wonderful firefighters who keep us safe (and no, the irony of dressing up a flammable tree in turnout gear and fire hose is not lost on me!)

My favorite of the combinations are the fire hose christmas trees, and the ones where they throw every spare ounce of gear they can find in homage to the fire service.

One of the trees that I couldn’t find was a thin red line tree. If you have one, send it my way! Though I wonder if it’s something that might be more respectful off the tree. But as I always say, your tree, your decorations!

While your getting started with the holiday festivities, you’ve got to make sure you get in the spirit too! Sometimes this looks like staying up late with the kids to make a Firefighter themed elf on the shelf display, Other times, that means taking a breather because this holiday season is stressing you TF out.

Enjoy this collection below and remember to stay safe during the holidays! Please don’t catch your tree on fire, your turkey on fire, or your house on fire šŸ˜Š

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Some things you might need for your Firefighter Tree

You’ll likely have a lot of the things you need for the firefighter tree laying around, but there are a few things you could grab to make it memorable.

The first would be this pretty cheap fire hose “garden hose” for the tree. Not only does it look great, but it’s also lacking in carcinogens and ideal if you want to put this tree near young kids or pregnant women.

Another thing you should grab to complete the tree is a firefighter themed ornament! yes, you can throw up plain colored bulbs, but there’s something special about a fun and festive firefighter ornament. We grabbed one this year off etsy and there are seriously so many to choose from!

The age old argument- real tree or fake tree?

Nothing invokes more emotion than discussing the imfamous christmas tree, who is responsible for causing quite a few family homes fires during the christmas season

Not like the turkey fryer, whose immediate combustion for not following instructions leads to deadly grease fires; instead our friendly christmas tree bursts into flames at any given time due to the heat and position of outlets and lights!

So when creating a Christmas tree, is it wise to even have one? Let alone a firefighter themed tree?

The good news is that there are several things you can do with both the fake and real live Christmas tree, and all of them include prevention and proper use of the tree!

First, inspect outlet placement, candle placement, fireplace placement and that all of your christmas lights are in excellent working order before setting up your tree! Give it plenty of space to avoid any fires from electrical outlets or open flames and that there is ventilation so that the lights don’t get too hot.

Now that the tree is assembled, make sure you water it frequently, and if it’s fake, make sure to give it a thorough glance over each day that there are no pieces of the tree melting.

Last but not least, have a fire extinguisher handy and make sure you have an emergency & evacuation plan in place should a fire happen. Sadly, fire families are not immune from fires or the deadly effects of them. The NFPA has great resources for a fire safety plan!

Fun and Festive Firefighter Christmas Trees

Firefighter Christmas Trees

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