Firefighter Christmas Light Ideas for Home or Fire Station!

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You can’t have Christmas with the Christmas lights! And as a firefighter family, you have the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd with some awesome firefighter Christmas light decorations!

It is super easy and super fun to find unique ways to decorate with Christmas lights, firefighter style! First of all, there are tons of unique ways to create a beautiful firefighter Christmas tree. And you can’t have a Christmas tree without the lights!

You also can’t have a Christmas tree without the gifts… which is why I’ve got you covered for easy firefighter Christmas gifts that are sure to make them smile. Oh, and fire wives, don’t forget about your wish list, too!

Christmas tree? Check! Gifts? Check! Firefighter themed Elf on the Shelf? Also check! Now you’re ready to get going on those firefighter Christmas lights!

From decking out fire trucks to coming up with creative at-home decorations, you’ll be the talk of the town (and the fire station) with these awesome ideas!

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Fire Truck Christmas Lights for Parades

Is your firefighter part of a Christmas parade this year? Then you know you have to deck out that fire truck! It’s become quite the fun tradition for fire stations to decorate that big red truck in some festive Christmas lights.

Just check out what this this fire station did!

You just have to watch a few minutes to get the idea of what’s possible: super fun, festive fire truck decorating that can be as elaborate as you want!

Of course, I’d recommend getting outdoor lights like these that are weather-resistant and low wattage. There are different light-up modes too, which is nice to have!

But of course, if you want something more blingy, go for some multicolored lights instead! Or better yet, try some color-changing LEDs for that extra WOW factor!

Christmas Light Safety to keep your holidays merry and bright without any fires

It’s all fun and games until something catches on fire… and as a firefighter family, the irony would be a little too much! So as you’re getting ready to put up your Christmas lights, let’s talk fire safety.

If you choose to put up a live tree, follow the NFPA’s tips for preventing Christmas tree fires… which also means using the right kind of Christmas lights!

Make sure you’re using indoor lights that are UL labeled, which means they’ve been tested for safety.

Of course, make sure you turn off all lights when you leave the house and before you go to bed!

Consider buying LED lights, which don’t get hot to the touch. Plus, they last longer!

Refer to the NFPA’s website for more information on how to keep your holiday merry and bright without any fires!

Firefighter Christmas Light Ideas

Firefighter Christmas Decorations… yes, there’s more!

Christmas lights are versatile and multipurpose, but what if you want something a little more… specific? Like, say, firefighter themed Christmas decorations?

Well, it’s true that you can find just about everything on the internet… like these fire truck shaped Christmas lights by Kurt Adler, perfect for a mantle or bannister! Kids are sure to love these!

And I seriously cannot get over this fireman nutcracker… such a perfect addition to any firefighter family’s Christmas decor!

And for your holiday gift wrapping needs, check out this awesome firefighter themed canvas ribbon, which would be the perfect present topper for your favorite firefighter’s Christmas gifts!

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