What is a ‘Love Token’ and why your Firefighter needs one

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There’s a few saying in the Fire Service… “Everybody goes home” and “Never leave your Brother Behind” and “Don’t give up the ship”

And that’s something that- when they say it- they mean it.


In the words of my Firefighter “Sometimes Firefighters need a reminder not to do dumb shit” because there are times when the adrenaline sets in and it’s hard to make a decision when weighing all the factors.

and that’s where the love token comes in

What is a Love token?

There’s not a lot of recorded history when it comes to love tokens- just some information passed down verbally from family to family.

It starts with The traditional St. Florean- a saint that is supposed to provide protection to Firefighters.

The saying goes that loved ones would give tokens of St. Florean to their Firefighters for protection.

So the premise of a ‘Love token’ is that the love from the family member that gave it to the firefighter helps to protect them when there is a bad call or accident.

And yall have got to know that Firefighters are a superstitious bunch- since they believe there’s power to a love token- I’ve made sure my Firefighter has one from me and many other Firefighters have something to keep them safe.

What does a Firefighter do with a Love token?

There are a couple different things that Firefighters do with their love tokens.

For the Most Part, Firefighters will keep the love token in their Bunker Gear close by their heart for the ultimate reminder of the love they carry.

Others put the love token safely inside of their helmet (plus stickers and such for the outside)

Lastly, you can gift a keychain for the station key as a reminder that everytime your Firefighter sets foot in the station that they are not at home- but that they will come back to you!

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Examples of Love tokens you should consider for your Firefighter


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