The Cutest Firefighter Maternity and Newborn Firefighter Photos

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We’ve all seen those pictures that make you swoon, the ones you can’t get enough of, the ones that make you smile and tear up. You know, the ones of babies and bunker gear in a newborn firefighter picture!

So when our third was born, we knew we wanted to grab a few more pictures of him rocking the thin red line with some cute Firefighter Baby Pictures. We had tried with our first two, but we had a lot of other stuff going on when they were born (health problems and allergies- I’m looking at you!!!) so we knew we had to make it happen with the third.

Because babies and bunkers are two things you need more of in your life!

If your a new mom- definitely check out these must have tips for rocking the fire life with a newborn !

But Seriously… I can’t get enough of these baby pictures. they are so cute! I stalked the web (mainly Pinterest, you can check out my board here!) for all the cute firefighter baby pictures.

Let’s take a look at some photo options you’ll definitely need to have for your Firefighter themed maternity and newborn shoots!

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Getting the Perfect Picture- What should you grab for your photos?

DISCLAIMER: before we get started please know that bunker gear/turnout gear can be covered in carcinogens.

Baby should not be touching dirty gear*********

That said, you can still have some amazing pictures without worrying about exposure! Wear only the bottom half, wear clean gear, put the top bunker jacket close by without touching baby (lots of ideas below!)

The thin red line flag you can grab online, and the cloth diaper cover you can get custom made or just regular on Etsy.

Also consider these adorable baby bunker gear sets too!

Then add in items like name piece, a clean hat, or even a roll of never been used before Fire Hose to the picture!

These are so perfect for a newborn photoshoot!
I have major regrets not ordering this in time!

Adorable Newborn Bunker Gear Photos and firefighter baby pictures

Let’s look at some incredibly cute pictures you’ll want to keep as memories for many years to come! Below you’ll find firefighter baby picture ideas to plan for a photoshoot- please remember to give yourself enough time to get the props and find the right photography! These are newborn firefighter pictures that you won’t want to miss out on because of pregnancy brain.

Grab your own crocheted baby Firefighter outfit before your newborn photos!

Firefighter maternity pictures ideas

Next up we’ve got those babies rocking the thin red line!

Fire Station Visit with an Infant

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