Ridiculous (But Awesome) Firefighter gifts

There are no words for some of the things my Firefighter has been gifted.

I’m talking notepads (Firefighters don’t know words), cuff links (he doesn’t even know what formal wear looks like), 15 dollar ‘Firefighter’ pocket knife (please just keep your money- that knife couldn’t even save it’s own life) and more key chains that the man has keys to jingle.

While those gifts were well-meaning (jury is still out on the notepads) they just aren’t gifts my firefighter could want or use.

See, every gift either needs to be practical, funny, or sentimental- and those one’s above simply don’t fit the bill.

But your thinking ‘I have NO idea what to get XYZ firefighter that I know’ and that’s totally understandable! The public and most family doesn’t even know what Firefighters do on a regular basis- let alone what they could offer them as a tangible gift.

So for the Firefighter in your life, I present a list of curated yet utterly ridiculous gifts you may bestow upon them at your next chance.

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Ridiculous Firefighter gifts

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