Quick List of Firefighter Stocking Stuffers

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It’s time to get those Stockings Stuffed…

And you better believe there are some fun, unique, and memorable stocking stuffers that aren’t just firefighter friendly- they are firefighter approved!

Maybe the most important one of all, this list is easy, and many of the items can be found quickly!

And to complete the whole package, don’t forget about that firefighter-themed Christmas tree! (There are some real creative ideas!) And to put an new spin on an old tradition, try Elf on the Shelf: Firefighter Edition!

Alright, now let’s stuff some stockings!!!

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How much should you spend on stocking stuffers?

Of course, it all depends on your budget, but let’s talk about some basic price ranges… because those little doo-dads add up fast!

For budget-friendly stockings, you may want to aim for the $5 – $10 price range, or set an overall budget per stocking: $20 – $30 is usually a pretty good bet.

But for those who have a little more to splurge, look for items in the $10 – $15 range and set your overall budget to $40 – $50 per stocking.

And for those who want to go the extra mile, you can go for items in the $15 – $20 range (or higher!) and expect to spend $60 – $80 per stocking. This is good if you have one or two bigger items you want to get, supplemented with a couple smaller ones!

Obviously, a higher budget can mean higher quality items… but overall, think less about how expensive something is and more about what’s going to make your firefighter smile! Sometimes those smaller gifts are the most special!

But the good news is, there are firefighter stocking stuffers for every budget! And not just that… there are firefighter-themed gifts for every budget too! (And firefighter wife gifts… because you can’t forget about yourself!)

What about Firefighter Themed Stockings?

Oh, you better believe those exist… and there are some really creative options to choose from or to use as DIY inspiration if you like to sew!

For those of us that aren’t about to whip out the sewing machine, I’d highly recommend these classic Firefighter bunker themed stockings from a fellow fire family! The quality is *chefs kiss* and people RAVE about them online.

“Come home safe” Firefighter Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I’m always gonna say it… healthy firefighters and healthy families are the core of my mission statement!

There is a lot firefighters and families can do to keep safe with this career, like learning more about the firefighter cancer risks, brushing up on what PTSD can look like, and making the best choices for sleep and exercise.

so with that said, here are a few items to grab to keep your firefighter safer on the job!

Using Charcoal based soap after a fire is a must for any firefighter. And not just any soap, but one that has been formulated to remove the carcinogens from the skin (while being super budget friendly!)

Plus, this decon soap has been made by a Fire family and has great reviews!

Decon wipes are a must have for after dealing with a fire or bunker gear. Decon wipes helps firefighters get cleaned up on scene if they don’t have more advanced options for cleaning before getting back in the truck to head to the station!

Fitness is a huge part of being a firefighter- not only does it keep them safe on scene, but heart disease is a major killer of firefighters. Keeping their heart healthy with good fitness (such as what’s mentioned in this fitness book designed for firefighters) will lead to a longer life. Don’t believe me? Check on the stats for yourself!

Fun Firefighter Stocking Stuffer Ideas

these will work for the Volunteer and Career Firefighter, but if you have a volley and want to get them something specific, check out this guide for things every volunteer firefighter needs!

Firefighter-Themed Socks!

For the fun, fashion-forward firefighter, why not spice up their wardrobe with some novelty crew socks? This stylish pair by Socksmith is great for dad, brother, uncle, cousin… seriously, who doesn’t love socks?!

Thin Red Line Keychain

A great budget-friendly option, this embroidered thin red line keychain is a perfect addition to your favorite fireman’s keyring (or your own)!

Be Safe Keychain

Here’s another budget-friendly option that your firefighter can add to their car keys or rearview mirror: this stainless steel keychain that says, “Be safe, I need you here with me.” Remind them just how much they are loved back home! If that one doesn’t float your boat… be sure to head over to this dedicated post where we talk all about “love tokens” and why it could save your firefighters life.

Tactical Multitool Pen

Is your firefighter the tactical, survivalist type? Then this multitool is the perfect stocking stuffer for them! Not only is it a pen, it also has an emergency glass breaker on the other end! Who knows when that may come in handy?

It also comes in black, but come on, how sweet is that fireman red?!

Firefighter Hot Sauce

Talk about turning up the heat… if your firefighter likes it spicy, then you have got to check out this firefighter-themed hot sauce by Newport Jerky Company! They’re sure to get a kick out of the fun label!

Whiskey Stones

Okay, so I know that whiskey stones are basically a meme at this point, but I think we can make an exception for these cool budget friendly whiskey stones especially if your firefighter is the type who enjoys a nice glass of whiskey on the rocks!

Fire Hydrant Cookie Cutter!

Does your fireman or woman love to bake? Then treat them to this classic maltese shaped cookie cutter (And there’s also one shaped like a fire truck for even more fun!)

And the kids are sure to love this one, too! If Christmas cookies are part of your family tradition, then this is the perfect way to add a little firefighter flair!

Personal Care Items

You can grab these at your local store, or do a Walmart, Target, Amazon pickup/delivery!

Many firefighters will change stations, or have a last minute call, and will need some quick personal care items to help freshen them up!

Snacks that remind them of home

Maybe it’s the adrenaline seeking behavior… but every Firefighter I’ve ever met loves good snacks, especially on shift! Will they hide it from their crew mates? Absolutely. As the saying goes, ‘you can trust a firefighter with your life, but not your fridge or your knife’.

In conclusion…

No matter your budget, there are lots of fun and unique firefighter stocking stuffers out there! Just remember to have fun with it and enjoy seeing those smiles!

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