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Welcome to the Fire Department Family

Hey Fire Family!

Thanks for stopping by. Here we cover the various stages of Fire life, with a focus on the family.

We focus on real life stories of making it work with the family you love dearly, while you enjoy the best job in the world. Jokes are told, stories are shared, and advice is given as we muddle through this adventure called life.

We hope that you can find resources for a better marriage, a happier home, and a better station atmosphere here. If you’d like to contribute material, please reach out!

Who are the Haislip’s

Husband and Wife team located in Central Florida, the Haislip’s are like every other Fire Family. They have their ups and downs and all arounds.

It was on one of these down moments, when they were feeling discouraged and burdened down by all number of things, that they looked online for resources.

And they realized one really big problem- the mental health resources are there, the marriage resources are there, but the big piece, the family component, was missing. What happens when these firefighter families need help to prevent behavioral health problems in their lives?

So this blog was born. It started as a hobby, or a practice in communication where they would look things up, share, read books, share, and look at what had worked for others. Then they compiled the results.

And things snowballed into what you see now. A place where Firefighters can come with their spouses, kids and other family members to find love, laughter and light in the Fire Life.

A place where Firefighters and their families can be saved from divorce and suicide.

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For the Google

google likes creditials- so here they are!

Matthew Haislip is a Firefighter Paramedic. (he finds his previous work history irrelevant)

Charisty is a former educator who has worked in Insurance, Banking, Food Service, Management, Agriculture and Education. She holds a Bachelors in AgriBusiness and a Dual Master’s in Human Resources and Leadership.

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