What kind of woman do firefighters like?

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Is she smart? Funny? Kind? Who is this woman that can captivate a firefighter and not get burned?

There’s a lot to unpack in Firefighter relationships- they have a lot of similarities, but we also know that this fire life is different than most and requires a certain attitude to make it out alive.

What Kind of Woman do Firefighters like? Well friends, it depends on the woman and on the firefighter, but we’ll do our best to break it down in this post.

What kind of Women do Firefighters stay away from?

Perhaps it’s easier to start with the obvious. Let’s talk about the types of people that Firefighters don’t like to date.

Many times these women are called ‘hose chasers’ or “badge bunnies”. These women tend to find firefighters attractive because of the job and want a chance to tame the fire- or get recognition among their friends for being with a Firefighter.

But I’ve got to warn you, being a Firefighter is only part of the job. Careers change and nobody is a Firefighter forever.

The kind of woman that a Firefighter likes

This is a non exhaustive list- and let’s remember that we are all unique.

But what are some of the things a Firefighter looks for?

He looks for a woman who can:

  • entertain herself because his shifts will be long, erratic, and can change at a moments notice.
  • Not afraid of the dark, bugs or has a backup plan when He is on shift. He’s not always there and she needs to be able to keep the house safe while he’s gone
  • Someone who loves his Second Family at the Fire Station and understands that the “cheating with a woman Firefighter” rumors are 90% untrue.
  • A woman who can help him tame his demons (or at least get out of the way when he is moody and upset). bad calls really have an impact.Sometimes short, sometimes long.
  • A Firefighter needs to know that his partner is faithful- sometimes fires and accidents demand a lot of time away from the home
  • And a woman who is with a firefighter will have to learn that danger happens. Injuries happen. a LODD could happen. These are serious events that need to be addressed head on.
  • He also needs to know that she can manage money and can pay the bills if something comes up while he’s on shift
  • Lastly, and maybe most importantly, a Firefighter is looking for someone who understands his obsession with the job. The Fire trucks, the conventions, the glory days of big fires.

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What kind of profession does a Firefighter Partner have?

This is another one of those questions that comes up, sometimes in the academy as the couple navigates careers, and sometimes in discussions about divorce or breakups.

For the most part I’ve seen Firefighter spouses fall into a few categories- but really, there’s no limit to what you can do with a Firefighter relationship.

The reason that *some* careers work better than others is twofold. For one, you might be able to understand the line of work better first hand. This includes 911 dispatchers, fellow firefighters/EMS, nurses and medical professionals.

The second is that both members of the relationship are ‘helpers’ and will lean into a ‘helping’ mentality with their careers. This would include careers like teaching, counseling, mentoring, animal care, working with children etc.

And lastly, there are a large number of women that pause their careers or jump right into a stay at home position. This is the category I fall under- since I am able to work at home and adjust my schedule around my Firefighters, while making sure there is always someone at home with the kids.


There are lots of different women that will get along with Firefighters- but the key here would be the maturity to know that the job is about saving people. If your Firefighter doesn’t text you back right away- or you have all these teenage fantasies of dinner every night at the station- you should reconsider the reality that Fire life is amazing, but also full of sacrifice.

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