10 Best Firefighter books for young kids

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Do you have a kid obsessed with all things firefighter? Then these fire truck books for preschoolers are what you need!

Not just Fire trucks but helmets and sirens and firefighter saving cats are regular topics at our house. In fact, our kids are so interested in what dad does, that my husband has to censor his work day.

It’s amazing what little ears will pick up when you think they aren’t listening!

While they’re aren’t many movies and shows for toddlers, there are many many wonderful Firefighter books for toddlers to choose from! Since my husband is a firefighter, we have found and received lots of great firefighter themed books for the kids. (and an insane amount of firetrucks- but that’s a different story for a different post!)

I’ve compiled our top 10 firefighter books, and I hope you find a few for your home library that your little firefighter will enjoy.

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Best Books for Firefighter Families

While the books below are great for anyone that loves Firefighters (and you can skip this section if you don’t have a firefighter family member) there are some books that are amazing to have for our Fire Family!

My kids always want to more about their Daddy being a Firefighter, and we’ve got the perfect book for that! Written by a Fellow Fire Wife, she created a book for Fire families to explain to Children what Firefighters do.

Another great option (especially if you have a Firefighter that isn’t a Daddy) is made by Donna Miele. She literally has a 100 books about first responders like, My Mommy is a Firefighter, and the rest of the family too, Like Firefighter Aunt, Uncle, Grandma, Grandpa!

Last but certainly not least, is Fire Dog Kerith to the Rescue! Kerith is a Fire Therapy Dog and goes to visit the stations (and helps out big time during Wildland Season!)

The Best Books for Firefighter kids

10. Playtown: Emergency: A Lift-the-Flap book

We are slightly obsessed with the Priddy brand of books, we love having some interactive play! This book is an excellent introduction to community helpers for toddlers.

They can learn about Firefighters, as well as other emergency workers in a fun lift-the-flap style book.

9. Good Night Fire Engines

The Good night books are a big hit here with my toddler, and nothing could be more exciting than a nighttime book featuring all things Fire trucks! Good Night Fire Engines features firefighters, fire hats and gear, fire hoses, hydrants, firehouses, dispatch rooms, heavy rescue vehicles, antique fire engines, toy fire engines, fire poles, and so much more. This book is available on Amazon Kindle!

8. Even Firefighters go to the potty

This hilarious book for toddlers and toilet training is a must have! It combines firefighters using the potty to help your toddler with the transition to potty learning. We had some great success with this book! Hopefully it works just as well for kiddo number 2.

7. Touch and Feel: Fire Engine

Touch and feel books are a parent’s favorite. These books are perfect for babies and grow with them into toddlers as they learn textures and words. My toddler is STILL obsessed with this book despite being able to touch a real fire truck at daddy’s job!

6. Firefighter Frank Board Book Edition

This is a super cute and easy board book for toddlers as they follow along on Firefighter Franks day. The illustrations really make this book a favorite, my son loves to “read” it when he’s doing independent play. Also on Kindle! So perfect for adding to the tablet.

5. Daniel Tiger- Look for the Helpers

We are super big Daniel Tiger Fans, especially because Daniel Tiger helps us with those big emotions.

In this book we learn to “look for the helpers” something Mr. Rogers always emphasized in times of trouble. Firefighters come to help after a storm, but this book is bigger than that, because it helps children learn that big accidents can happen but helpers will always be there (we keep ours in our hurricane kit! It’s helped SO much!)

You can grab this book on Target or on Amazon. It’s only a few dollars and a must have for helping kids learn how helpful Firefighters are.

Grab Daniel Tigers book On Amazon

4.Tinyville Town: I’m a Firefighter 

This is a cute book that introduces a lot of good behaviors as you work through the book. This is part of a series of books that we also enjoy, but specifically this book as we follow our Firefighter throughout his duties!

2./3. Curious George

Curious George is a popular one at our house, though I didn’t think he would like it (thanks PBS!). We have both of these books, the board book for independent play/reading and the regular book for story time.

I didn’t know they had a stuffed animal (stuffy if you ask my son) of curious George as a firefighter- so I plan to get that for my son!

You can get this book above, Curious George and the Firefighters, for free if you have the Amazon Freetime App!

1.Pete the Cat: Firefighter Pete 

Pete the Cat is another favorite at our house, especially because its full of behavior to role model and fun adventures. This book is no exception as Pete the cat gets to save the day as a Firefighter. Every toddlers dream right?

We love our board books but Pete is one of the ones my toddler asks me to read over and over.

Plus this book comes with stickers if you order it from Amazon. But it’s cheaper on Target.


There you have the list of the top Firefighter books personally vetted by a firefighter family with way too much fire related stuff (sometimes I say junk- I’m swimming in red and firetrucks!) Did I inspire any new book buys? Or gift ideas? Let me know!

And if I missed a favorite firefighter book for younger kids- drop a comment below- I *might* add to our collection one of these days. Oh ok, I will probably add it to our collection. I can’t help but foster the love of reading and if my toddler wants firefighters- well that’s an easy request!

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