9 Perfect Firefighter Wife Gifts for this holiday season!

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There are those that preplan gifts, and then there are those that… don’t. It’s like decision paralysis or they forgot what day it was because it completely slips there mind. Or they procrastinate it and you end up with SOCKS.

Socks… 😑

But really…

Let’s just get one thing clear. No matter what you get, or where you get it from.

Do. Not. Show. Up. Empty. Handed.⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️

A homemade card and some flowers will get you a lot farther than, ‘I forgot’

You want your wife to say ‘WOW, this was really thoughtful’, or, ‘I can’t believe you knew to get this’. So, let’s make it happen by looking at the popular items for this year.

But it’s cool, because we know people that publish these gift guides are life savers. and then either the husbands can google it OR the wives can send it to them in a text and then tada! Problem solved.

While your getting started with the holiday festivities, you’ve got to make sure you get in the spirit too! Sometimes this looks like decorating the tree at the fire station or staying up late with the kids to make a Firefighter themed elf on the shelf display.

Other times, that means taking a breather because this holiday season is stressing you TF out and doing your best to help the kids understand that the holidays are hella weird for first responders.

Whatever you do this holiday season, just remember that your life is the ultimate gift.

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Firefighter Wife Gifts for Christmas 2019

Looking for gifts under 30 dollars? Etsy has a great selection!

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