The Best Firefighter Gifts for any occasion

Sometimes important dates sneak up on me, sometimes I plan them in advance! But either way- this list of Firefighter gifts is good for any occasion.

Perfect for Birthdays or Retirements, Baby showers and Weddings- there’s a Firefighter themed gift for all the Holiday’s and special events (no matter how early or how late you order it!)

Firefighters deserve something nice every now and then… most of the time they would be happy with food though!

These Firefighter gifts range from thoughtful, to practical, to predictable- hopefully they are what you are looking for to gift your fireman or firewoman.

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🚒 ✅ Check out the Top Three Most Popular Firefighter Gifts Here if you don’t have time to sort through all the options! ✅ 🚒 

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Table of Contents

🔥 FireFighter Gifts Under 25 🔥

Specific Firefighter Gift Occasions

Best Firefighter Retirement Gift

Best Firefighter Wedding Gift

Best Firefighter Baby Shower Gift

Thoughtful Gifts

🎉Personalized Firefighter Gifts 🎉

Every Day Carry Options

Firefighter Banquet and Crew Gifts

Popular Firefighter Owned Brands

The Best Firefighter Gifts for all occasions!
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🔥Firefighter Gifts Under 25🔥

Sometimes we need a cheap and quick gift! I get it! Here’s a great selection of Firefighter Gifts under 25 dollars.

Firefighter Gifts Under 25

Specific Firefighter Gifts

Best Firefighter Retirement Gifts

This Beautiful Custom Canvas Print is a fantastic Gift for a Retiring Firefighter!

You Can’t go wrong with an (almost) accurate Coffee Mug!


Best Firefighter Wedding Gifts

A classic wedding gift is a decanter set- especially one you can get customized! You can check out all the different options for styling and size, since they all have good reviews!

Check out my post on Wedding Ideas and Gifts for more!

Best Firefighter Baby Shower Gifts

This absolutely ADORABLE baby Turnout gift set is made by a Firefighter owned company- so you know that you are getting quality! Made from all new materials, and customized with the name, this is a cherished baby shower gift!


Thoughtful Firefighter Gifts 

Let’s start with the most thoughtful gifts of the group. I always like to start with these because sometimes the sentimental gifts are the ones we value the most.

These would be appropriate for any holiday, but especially for ones like graduations and weddings!

Custom Ax are a really popular item now a days, and the best part is that they are readily available on the internet!

You might even get lucky to find someone local that can help you with a custom order. Check out these ones on Etsy! 

Another thoughtful (and somewhat practical) gift is a custom watch. These items can be individualized from different colors to different smart capabilities. The thoughtfulness is getting the qualities that they might need (durability, water proof, weather proof) and getting something inscribed on the back.

Personalized Firefighter Gifts

These Bad Boy Custom Raptor Shears are from Leatherman– a top quality brand among Firefighters. These are an absolutely essential item for First Responders and will never get misplaced at work with their name engraved.

Another Fun idea is a customized leather strap! These come in both personalized straps for gloves and also for the radio. Many of these are made by firefighters, like this glove strap on Etsy made by Fire Gear.

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Find this on ETSY made by FireGear

Nothing says personalized like a custom last name blanket meant to look like Turnout Gear!  Best part is that if they took it to the station, they couldn’t loose it!

Every Day Carry Firefighter Options

EDC items, or Everyday Carry Items, are always a big hit for firefighters, especially because its a thoughtful gift that will get put to good use.

These 6 in 1 Leatherman Raptor Shears are a great find for your EDC crew- useful for all kinds of events they are Amazon’s Choice and rated with 5 stars.

Wallets of all shapes and sizes are a requirement for EDC! In fact, I know many hardcore EDC’ers that have multiple wallets- so it’s definitely a great gift idea! If you can find this EDC wallet for under 40, you have got yourself a steal! It’s a 5 star rated wallet perfect for the guy or girl.

Another perfect gift for EDC is a quality light!

These lights can be used for hard to see situations during the day and for lumination at night. This tactical and Durable Light is a must have for EDC’ers (and everyone really! It lights up a room!).

This 5 star rated Amazon’s choice streamlight is a great addition to your everyday carry. And if you can find it under 40, it’s a steal!


Firefighter Banquet and Crew Gifts 👨🏿‍🚒👨🏾‍🚒👩🏽‍🚒👩🏼‍🚒👨🏻‍🚒

Looking for some affordable group gifts for firefighters? Or Maybe Christmas Gifts for the crew?

Check out this selection of items that can be mixed and matched to provide group gifts for firefighters of all shapes and sizes!

First things first, most Firefighter Banquets have an award or recognition section. There are lots of different options for neat mementos to celebrate Firefighters!

Looking for a raffle gift or a gift for Firefighter of the year? Helmet Light to the rescue! This budget friendly helmet light comes with 5 star reviews and is sure to be useful for the career and volunteer Firefighter!

An easy and quick gift for a Firefighter Crew gift are these Thin Red Line Keychains! This pack of 5 comes ready to gift, and with great reviews you know it will be a winner!

For Under 20 dollars you can get a group of 6 Thin Red line Coozies for the gang! Printed in USA and with a 5 star rating, these are a quick and easy gift for the crew.


I love to support Firefighter Owned Business! Here is a great selection of Firefighter Owned Companies and the products they make.

Recycled Firefighter has a whole line of really cool items– Firefighter made of course! From Wallets and Belts to Bags!

You know what Firefighters love? COFFEE! And their is a Firefighter Owned coffee company called, ” Fire Dept. Coffee!” Support Firefighters and give your Firefighter something you KNOW they will put to good use!

Does your Firefighter have a mustache that could use some TLC?! This Firefighter owned Business took things a step further and made some mustache wax! This is especially useful on the job for keeping all the hairs where they need to stay!

Don’t forget to check out this list of Fire Wife Owned Businesses if you didn’t find what you were looking for!


Thin Red Line

There are so many cool items with the Thin Red Line! It’s almost like the Firefighters got a rebrand!

Thin Red Line Tshirts are always a big hit with Firefighters- after all Firefighters love T-shirts! Check out the assortment on Amazon, or click on the images below when you find one you like!

When in doubt

When in doubt you can always get your firefighter a gift card, they do love to eat! Or their favorite homemade meal or dessert. Never underestimate the power of a full stomach!

Ironically food from the public isn’t always as welcome because we aren’t sure how its been cooked. If you want to know how to thank a firefighter you aren’t related to, I have 5 easy ways to thank a firefighter!


There are so many great Firefighter themed gifts on Amazon, Etsy and Ebay- Plus a score of other firefighter sites. If you are interested in some recycled Fire Hose gifts, check out this FireHose DIY and Gift guide.

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