Firefighter Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her

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Ahhh Valentine’s Day. The gifting holiday after the holiday season has ended, and most people have forgotten about their new years resolutions!

Valentine’s day, for most people (myself included), seem’s to sneak up on people and cause all sorts of fun and mayhem. There’s a reason that november is a popular month for birthdays if you catch my drift.

Valentine’s day gifts are quite popular, so for the sake of helping you out on this momentous holiday, we’ve got a full guide of Firefighter Valentine’s Day gifts.

This list of Firefighter gifts is sure to ease the question, “What do I get my loved on for valentines day?” From newly dating, to freshly engaged, to married for years- this gift guide will give Ideas and Inspiration for your gift.

I’ve included lots of firefighter items and NON fire themed items (I mean, how many firefighter t-shirts can you own???) 

Ive broken down this gift guide into 4 parts.

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How to pick the best Valentines Day Gift

The best Valentine’s Day gifts tend to have something special about them. Not that they are all the same kind of special… no we’re talking about it being special between you and your spouse.

The best gifts aren’t something that you *think* they might enjoy, but instead should be items that you know will fall into one of three categories.

They should (1) like it

or (2) want it

or (3) can use it, like something practical

If you pick something that falls into each of these categories, you are on the way to giving a great gift. Like John Ruhlin always says over at giftology, People don’t want gifts, they want relationships.

I’ll say that again in a simplier way. People don’t want the actual item, instead they want you to think about them, pick something based on what they like or need, and present it to them with meaning.

That means you might not find the gift you are looking for in this guide (and that’s ok!) but instead know of something better you can give your spouse. And that my fire family, is what makes all the difference. (oh! and if you want more, do read John’s book about gifting. It’s strategically changed the way I gift for the better)

Should you also plan a Valentine’s date?

I know I’m hitting you with a lot here, but let’s be honest. Sometimes the best gift is the gift of time!

A small trinket is nothing compared to spending quality time laughing, talking, and *ahem* in those moments of relationship bliss.

I do recommend planning a date or some alone time, and just for you, I’ve got a great list of date night/day recommendations for your busy schedule

Fire Related Firefighter gifts for Valentines Day

Custom Firefighter Gifts

Just remember that these gifts can take time, and if you want a custom item, be sure to order it with weeks to spare. For items that ship faster, scroll down to see other suggestions!

Amazon has a few custom firefighter gifts, but Etsy custom firefighter gifts are more diverse. If you want to do something like a radio strap- contact someone on Instagram! There are so many awesome artists making unique custom firefighter gifts.

Firefighter aprons are always a fun gift, especially to take to the station. Aprons would be great for cooks and grill chefs, especially if you made a little gift basic with seasonings and some new cooking tools!

Another popular one is a Firefighter custom tumbler cup. This one I’ve linked is seriously badass. There’s quite a few options for custom cups, and they are certainly a well loved favorite since they get so much good use!

Firefighter Helmet Accessories

Helmet accessories are a popular option for Firefighter gifts, especially because some of them can be very useful from a safety standpoint.

Stickers are always a fun gift BUT they need to be made from special material- so don’t go crazy getting every sticker you see. They need to be approved so they don’t melt.

Another good option for helmets are flashlights! You can get a flashlight holder for pretty cheap, and a flashlight and holder combo for a good price.

Gifts for him

Every day Carry Options

Most guys carry things on a semi regular basis- their “every day carry”.
These can be something as simple as a Watch or a Wallets. Knives are pretty popular too, along with multitools.

They are useful for every day carry and also for work! Some other favorites include flashlights, raptor trauma sheers and paracord bracelets.

In fact, these trauma sheers are one of the top sellers for Amazon, and come endorsed by a lot of the top leaders in the fire world. Sure, the five thousand 5 star reviews don’t hurt either
Go sentimental

Many Firefighters carry trinkets in their gear, reminding them to think about the loved ones at home. The popular ones this year are keychains. I talk more about these in the love token FAQ, but just know that a love token does more than just be a gift. It can be a lifeline to remind a Firefighter to come home to you- always.

Gifts for Her

Firefighter themed jewelry

Yes, most women are obsessed with firefighter shirts- it’s not just a male thing. And while there are tons of cute options online, you might want to get them something more original.

When looking for jewelry you need to decide two things. 1. Are they a necklace or bracelet type person? 2. Do you want to customize it?

For reference, this is the top selling FireWife Necklace online (it’s cute- but the reviews on top quality and it being customized for a great price are what sells it!)

Pamper her with love

This can be anything from giving her some alone time, to paying for the house or car to get cleaned!

Gift Baskets can be a great option. I talk more about those in the Firefighter Wife Gift guide.


I hope you found the perfect firefighter valentines day gift for your husband or wife, send them this gift guide so they can know what to get you too! And Don’t forget to check out my super popular tips for the Firefighter couple.

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