Hot Date Ideas for Firefighters

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Listen yall, Fire Life gets crazy! Throw in the 2020 fiasco and the firefighter schedule and it’s any wonder we get to see our spouses!

And just because they say your supposed to go on dates, doesn’t mean that you actually do. Or maybe you just started dating a firefighter! Enjoy that newness, because after the initial excitement will wear off and then you’ll need to be intentional about spending time together.

Lucklily, we’ve got the list for you. If that you is related to or dating a firefighter. If you’re not with a firefighter…well these work too. Consider these more of ” help I’m with a first responder and need to get our sexy time back!”

We got you fam. This is split up in categories for ease of use. Included is a mix of free, cheap and “you need to plan ahead” dates. Because life needs variety. 

oh! and PRO TIP: Please Don’t talk about work -and if you do, make it a light mention. My husband and I talk about Firefighting all the time, we are a fire family with a fire blog BUT date night is sacred. 

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Late Date Nights

🎆 Go to a 24 hour Diner (mcdonalds kinda counts…)

YUM! Even if you just go for shakes, and even if its 45 minutes away.

Just GO! You will have either a great time, or you will wonder why in the heck you even left the house to come to this empty diner- either way, its a memorable bonding experience. 

🎆 Get it on at the movies… or direct to consumer works too.

Need I say more! Real Talk- I haven’t been to the movies in 4 years! But we used to love to go before kids. We would go every other week, it was our “thing”.

If you don’t like the movies, find a local theater and enjoy some live action acts. Those can certainly be just as entertaining and a very unique experience.

🎆 Do late night bowling or other local special event

Many places offer a late night gig on the weekend. From aquariums and baseball games, to bowling and shooting bowl. Find some late night entertainment near you!

If you don’t know where to start, check on google, and then facebook to see what special events might be taking place.

If nothing is available to you, suggest it! A simple comment on their social media page could open a lot of doors for date night events.

Or maybe you could have someone sneak you in- it’s all about who you know!

In the land of covid craziness, a good ole fashioned, picnic under the stars is always fun. Do it on your back porch or grab a secluded spot in a park.

🎆 Take a Drive

Turn up the radio, get some snacks and find somewhere fun to go, or park, for some more alone time. 

OHH and you could even take your loved one on to a meteor shower (dates here!)

🎆 Dave and Busters or another Arcade deal

Get some tokens and show em whose boss!

It’s been shown that some competition with your spouse will improve your bedroom game

Looking for tips for the Firefighter Couple? Check out this list of 15 applicable and timeless tips for keeping your relationship healthy.

Day Dates

💋 Learn something new at a Museum

Old Firehouses count as museums right? Only kinda kidding. They definitely do!

They have museums for everything now, from science and art to automatizes and yes, they have firefighting museums. 

💋 Sporting or Racing Event

Normally these things are group things, invite the guys or the family. But you might be pleasantly surprised to see how much fun it is with just the two of you.

This doesn’t have to be something you hate either. If you both like football, go there- or if your more of a martial arts couple, go to a tournament!

💋 Get a drink and learn about the process

Another fun stop when you want to take a break and stop adulting for awhile.

Many of these custom wineries and breweries offer tours and history behind their brand. You can also enjoy the many sample options they have available. 

💋 Make art at a Ceramics or Art class

Are you artistic? Even if you aren’t most art places offer a beginners class.

You can have fun creating something new with the guidance of a teacher and maybe you’ll even find something that you like!

My husband and I aren’t the best at art, but it sure is fun to make together. You could also grab some fire hose and make a really cool craft together!

💋 Give Back TOGETHER

Anything can technically be a date if you prioritize it right, even volunteering together.

So get down and dirty with your partner and then go out afterwards (if your not too tired from all the work you put in!).

Watching your spouse give to others in need can be so motivating to why you fell in love with them in the first place. 

Sure you may have your own gigs that you do separately, but there is something about working together for a cause bigger than yourself that can be a real turn on.

Stay at Home Dates 

These are some of my favorites, mostly because they are so low key. I just love to spend time with my husband. 

💋 Puzzles and Board Games 

Nothing says, Imma kick your butt, like playing a board game with your spouse. (unless you’re into martial arts and you actually like kicking butt).

Puzzles are equally as fun as you work on your communication skills LOL! You don’t really know someone until you’ve seen them frustrated with a puzzle. 

Orrrrr you could order some kinda dirty games online. No one said it had to be PG.

💋 Watch the Stars (or the clouds)

You know that picture floating around on the internet with the inflatable pool and pillows under the stars. Yeah, do that.

It’s a ton of fun and a great way to reconnect ESPECIALLY if you have kids. Take the baby monitor outside with you and plan to… hopefully get lucky that they stay asleep. 

I’m not going to lie- we’ve done it before, right when its too cold for mosquitos yet not quite winter. Make sure you aren’t too tired, or else you’ll end up just falling asleep!

💋 Have a Romantic Dinner and Plan to Dance 

Get something to eat at home.

If one of you volunteers to cook, great. My husband and I like to get Take out just because its low stress (most of the time, if they remember to pack everything!).

Then plan to just hang out and dance the night away- even if you both suck at it. 

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Dates the whole family can enjoy

Is it still a date if you bring the kids? Well, kinda. Sometimes circumstances make it so that the kids need to tag along- and that’s ok. What matters is making time to reconnect with your spouse! 

Plus, you need to spend time together as a family, that way your kids can see you interact as husband and wife and not just dad and mom.

If they’re older, just send them up ahead a little ways.

😀 Putt Putt Golf 

Get the kids set up and send them a few holes ahead, that way you can keep an eye on them while still enjoying some time with your spouse. 

make sure you keep score!

😀 Picnic in the Park

Arrange two picnic baskets- one for you and one for the kiddos. Give them their own blanket and let them have fun.

Do what you can to get 20 minutes of conversation in. If that means you need to break out the tablets, then do it! I would suggest something more physical- frizbee or ball playing. That way you can have alone time and tire out the kids!

😀 The Beach/springs/pool

Go when you know it won’t be too busy. That way the kids can have their own little area and you can chill out together with your spouse. 

For the littles

Some of us have baby babies, and we can’t just section them off. I get it! Playgrounds, Bounce houses, and splash pads can be a fun way to let the kids burn off steam while you talk to your spouse- in FULL sentences.

Yes, you will still be interrupted, sorry, but grab some coffee and make the best of it! 


Dates are supposed to be fun! So grab your firefighter and get out there and enjoy the time you have together. If you are getting ready for valentines day this helpful gift guide could give you the inspiration you need.

Spending time together is a great way to destress and build up positive memories when times get tough.

Is your marriage struggling? This post covers a marriage in crisis and some steps you can take.

Do you have any other date night ideas to add? Leave them in the comments below!

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