The Best Firefighter Wife Gifts for 2020

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Getting gifts for a Firefighter wife (or firefighter fiance/girlfriend) is an inevitable part of being in the thin red line family. On one hand, you want to get them something to let your Firefighter spouse at home know that you appreciate them.

On the other hand, you might not know what to get your wife, or you might be hesitant to get her a firefighter related item when she wants something different!

For many wives, they feel that firefighting is a career, and not an identity– so the work stuff gets left at the door. That’s why I’ve got two sections of ideas- one for firefighter stuff and one for gifts that aren’t fire related. You can pick which section your Firefighter Wife fits into!

For me personally, I like the subtle items that highlight how much my Firefighter means to me and my family. You will need to use your best judgement when gifting.

I will say, Firefighter Wives should be appreciated for keeping the home secure while their Fireman protects other people. This doesn’t even need to be a gift, as a thank you will go a long way!

Let’s take a look at items you can get, give, make or create to give to your Firefighter Wife!

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Firefighter themed

Non-Firefighter themed

Firefighter themed

Firefighter Family pictures

The Kids. The Dog. Maybe Just the Firewife and her Husband.

This are all great ideas for Firefighter Family Pictures and they would make an excellent gift (especially if you have family members that tend to scoff at photoshoots. Get them on board so you can bless your Firefighter Wife with pictures that she can cherish!) Check out this post on Firefighter Photoshoot Ideas to give you some inspiration!


Tumblers are all the rage right now. Seriously, most women have at least one of these adorable cups- if not more. Which makes them the perfect gift! They are practical, cute and they keep your drink cold. Plus, everyone is all about reducing waste and there’s no easier way to do that with a reusable tumbler (or 10 of them, because they get dirty or left in the car!)

Find this cup on Etsy
Get this on Etsy
Find this on Etsy


Can Firefighter Wives have enough t-shirts? I think not. There are so many cute designs online, from Etsy to Amazon and Facebook Marketplace. Some of these are subtle and some more obvious, but they are all cute!

Find this shift and others on Etsy!
Find this shirt and others on Etsy!


Bracelets are another super popular item, and there are lots to choose from! Like this, “My Heart Belongs to a Firefighter” bracelet and this Firefighter Wife bracelet with customizable colors.

Get this thin red line Bestseller from Etsy! You can choose to have the front of your necklace customized with firefighter badge numbers, initials, date, heart, or anything else you would like up to 5 characters.

Or if you want it from Amazon, you want to customize your thin red line necklace.


This one is a cute “His and Her’s” Option and bonus! It’s under 20 dollars. It’s perfect for being sentimental without going overboard with a big item!

I like this one, which can be customized, “Come home safe to me”

Non-Firefighter themed

Think about things that a Firefighter wife might want or need that is a traditional physical item.

Here’s a quick list of experiences you could get your wife- many of these can be done over the phone or online (like if you waited till last minute!!)

  • massage certificate
  • pedicure/manicure
  • any other spa treatments
  • tourist attraction locally- think things like horseback riding or wine tasting. Find what’s close to you that would be fun
  • Have flowers sent to her work or whenever their is company (or buy a potted plant- those last longer!)
  • gift card for kindle or iTunes
  • plan a date night full of surprises, even if its just dinner and a movie

Coupon books are another favorite– you can find them in lots of different styles, and of Course, you can make your own! The homemade ones might be there very best because they are made by you!


I need not to remind you- but getting some new lingerie or matching underwear sets is a fun way to share something with your partner that only they get to see!

Or Maybe, it’s as simple as getting a babysitter or scheduling out a block of time, so that you can get some time to reconnect.

The Gift of Alone time or time with her Husband

Sometimes the best gift is the gift of time. Does your Firefighter wife need a break? a staycation or just a night out with the girls? Maybe it’s just a break to have some coffee and shop in leisure.

Don’t underestimate how amazing the gift of time can be.

final thoughts

Firefighter Wives aren’t all too different from other wives- except they love a man in turnout gear. Hopefully these ideas have inspired you, the best gifts are ones that come from the heart.

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