Firefighter Bunker Gear Gifts + Upcycled Items

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Bunker gear is the ULTIMATE symbol of the firefighter. So of course, Firefighters want Bunker Gear Gift items

It doesn’t matter if its the tan or the black- or even if it’s without a fire helmet, but many pictures feature the classic bunker pant overalls as the main giveaway that someone is a firefighter.

I’m not going to address that used firefighter can contain carcinogens that could lead to cancer (Firefighter occupational cancer is WAY too high right now!) So use your best judgment when ordering used turnout gear items. There are plenty of new items available if that’s what you’d like instead!

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Bunker Gear Upcycled, Recycled, and Brand New

First things first, let’s talk about some cute keepsakes and smaller items

Firefighter Cancer Decon Packs

I don’t know what it is about cute little bunker gear clad figurines, but they get me everytime. From the adorable little barbie and build a bear “Daddy Bear” that my kids have to Christmas ornaments, and keychains, I’m star struck with all the little things they have in tans and blacks!

So the yeti cup trend is “older” but they are still coming out with new things, so it’s definitely not going away anytime soon. Between the straight-up ones that are tan and black, to the ones made for the woman that have a glittery touch, they are very popular!

But seriously though, there are quite a few items where people have gotten really creative! Like purses and wallets?!

My favorite thing about the wallet is that it’s very gender neutral and perfect for any age (I can see my kid rocking it AND my husband- just one of those timeless items!)

There are some pretty cute bags too… but the purses might be alittle over the top for me. 🤫🤫🤫

Ok one exception- there are some sellers that will do a custom bag for you, and you can even send in your own bunker gear. That does sound pretty cool, especially if its made in Memoriam.

If it has your name… well then it’s yours!

Can we just say that things with your name on it (which started in like kindergarten) are NOT GOING AWAY.

Between that monogram craze a few years back, to the trend where every initial needed to be on the back of your car (I think people do their social media handles now though 🤣)

Seriously though- overnight bags with your initials on it is genius for Firefighters. You’ll NEVER loose that bag!

Cute Bunker Gear Items for Kids

I am little cautious when it comes to turnout gear and kiddos- yes, my kids are exposed regularly to their father’s gear, so I just try to minimize their non-essential exposure. All of these adorable items that are perfect for newborn pictures, halloween costumes and matching your favorite firefighter will be NEW.

I mean, how cute are these toddler turnout gear outfits! They are personalized and come with everything shown.

Bunker Gear items for Dogs

Firefighters LOVE Animals- and puppy dogs are no exception. These adorable Turnout Gear Inspired Collars are cute for anyone’s dog- wether they are a firefighter or not! Especially, because these are reflective. Cute and Safe!

If your feeling adventurous, you can even get the collars customized! This one on Etsy is a bestseller– you can’t go wrong with a turnout gear dog collar!



I had so much fun putting together this bunker gear gift guide! Did you find something you couldn’t live without? Let me know in the comments! And if I missed something, let me know!

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