Firefighter Wife T-shirts: Can you have too many?

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Firefighter Wives are a diverse group of ladies, but then tend to have a few things in common. Married to a Firefighter is one of the main factors, but other things like knowing the fire lingo and enjoying alone time come into effect too.

Hey, How do you know if someone is a Fire Wife? Don’t worry, Her t-shirt will tell you!

Ok, that was a little cheesy but its true! Fire Wives have a lot of shirts and apparel to rep their husbands career choice.

If you search for anything Firefighter Wife online, you are bound to find some Fire Wife T-shirts. And not just t-shirts, but hoodies and tank tops and pajamas sets. Somewhere between the online marketplace boom and the option to order at the click of a button, women’s clothing has gone through a serious makeover. 

Seriously. There are a lot of options out there. So many that I didn’t even include shirts in my Valentines Day Gift Guide- us Fire Wives need more originality in our gifts!

From Etsy sellers to Amazon and everywhere in between (check out this Fire Wife MarketPlace on Facebook!), Fire Wife T-shirts are a popular search item. Add in the fire themed wedding stuff like matching t-shirts and the super cute baby stuff, then you begin to realize that we might be a tad obsessed with vinyl and screen print.

The irony! This is a IRL picture of me writing about Fire Wife shirts, while wearing a Fire Wife Shirt. 

But why are we so obsessed with Fire Wife Shirts?

gray shirt with script- so hot I have my own firefighter

I have a few theories. 

The first is that we like cute clothes and some of these outfits are adorable. 

For real. They have some that are covered in glitter, some holographic, some with original sayings. Sure there are the generic ones that people tend to pass around from store to store, but then you have the original ideas! Those are my favorite. 

black shirt with thin red line decal with firefighter helmet and script- wife

Save this pin for later!

Fire background with script- can you have too many firewife tshirts?

The next is that we want to support our firefighter.

I’d be proud if my husband was a tourist guide or a carpet cleaner (because he was both of those!) but I love how the Fire Family sticks together.

So repping a t-shirt emblazoned with a Maltese cross and thin red line is a no brainer. It just makes sense that we support our firefighter and that support turns into clothing. 

And your husband doesn’t have to be career, he can be a volunteer.

Blue hoodie with script- proud wife of a brave volunteer firefighter

Or a Wildland Firefighter.

And of course, you can be a nurse and fire wife or a teacher and fire wife OR (insert profession) and fire wife- because you aren’t just a wife!

I am a teacher and a firefighter wife red tshirt

Basically, our Husbands are obsessed with Firefighter t-shirts and they have brain washed us. 

I can’t be the only one right? My husband has like… a bazillion shirts. Why? I have no idea, I’ve been brainwashed into believing its normal and now I have a bunch of shirts too! Sometimes we accidentally match (which is why I prefer some fire wife shirts, that way its cute but not twinning). 

So if your anything like me, you enjoy looking at the latest shirts to hit the market. And if your not like me, then maybe you can understand why there’s an obsession for Firefighter Wife T-shirts!

I’ve included a few of my favorites below. You certainly have options to choose from! 

black shirt with heart shaped thin red line and script- my heart belongs to a firefighter

So tell me, are YOU obsessed with Firefighter Tshirts? Or am I the only one? It’s ok, I can handle the truth! Maybe it’s trucker hats and keychains?

And for all my Fire Wives out there, Check out this post about for Hot Date Ideas for you and your Firefighter!

firetruck background with script- firefighter wife tshirts

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