The Cutest Baby Shower Gifts for Firefighter Couples

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Babies are such fun additions to the family, and there’s no better way to say hello than with a shout out to dad (or mom’s) profession with a Firefighter Baby Gift!

Most people are suckers for toddlers in Firefighter outfits cruising around the station and make Ooo EEee noises… now picture a sleeping newborn in a little firefighter onesie and your heart will burst! Don’t believe me? Peep these cute newborn firefighter themed photos to see what I mean! šŸš’

But we’re here to talk cute gifts, so cute gifts I will deliver!

Before we begin…

I’d like to please ask you to be careful with recycled firehose/firefighter gear products for babies. Firefighters are dying from cancer in record numbers and they suspect that gear and fire hose could have something to do with it. I was very careful not to add baby gear to this list of fire hose upcycles because I don’t believe a new parent has the time to research this on top of everything else!

Just be informed, and ask the gift creator how it’s cleaned plus new parents if they’d feel comfortable with something like this. You can research someone like this turnout gear recycler who makes bags from old gear and washes everything 3 times according to industry standards. If they don’t tell you how they clean it, then you should be wary!

NOW for the cutest baby shower gifts for Firefighter Families! (unless you’d like a gag gift for your firefighter… in which case I’ll link the secret yet hilarious collection of gag firefighter gifts šŸ™ƒ

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Firefighter Baby Showers, and gifts that aren’t technically gifts

Many times, people want to bring more than just a few clothes to a baby shower (and I agree! new parents need all the help they can get even if they don’t understand that yet!)

There are a number of creative gifts you can bring like:

a Firefighter themed diaper cake

a Larger Fire truck that can be used as a prop for pictures and then later enjoyed by a toddler

a Firefighter themed baby blanket– again- not super useful for a newborn, but something that can be used for pictures and grows with the baby!

Firefighter themed Baby Gifts

Firefighter Baby Shower Gifts

Even more gift ideas to consider for a Firefighter Family with a new baby

Firefighters are a rare breed, and there’s so many various schedules from career to volunteer to wildland and military.

Variety is the spice of life, but when you are planning for a new addition to the family, things get sticky with all of the changes of being a fire family.

There are some other ways to help new moms and dads adjust to the demands of having a newborn and juggling a fire life schedule.

Consider the following:

forming a meal train, dropping off some groceries, paying for grocery delivery, paying for a meal subscription service or any other creative way to help make sure mom, dad, and the other kids get lots of good food

Ask how you can help around the house if your available, not just to hold the baby, but things like laundry and vacuuming (which mom should not being doing for several weeks to allow herself to heal!)

Some of the best gifts I recieved weren’t physical, and many new parents will agree, that the best gifts are gifts of time and thoughtfulness.

Helping to clean the car out, mow the lawn, stocking up the new rents on toilet paper and paper plates, and being a calm voice when the baby is crying are all priceless gifts that do so much for a family with a new baby.

If you’d like an insider peek, head over to this heartfelt post about a survival of a new mom juggling a fire life schedule, and this post for the the firefighter dad who just wants to take care of everyone but sometimes falls up short.

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