Here’s how to add Firefighter touches to your Wedding

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Wedding Bells and Fire Trucks! Yes, many Firefighters throughout modern history have chosen to mix the career with their wedding, some brides love it, others hate it- and I think the guests don’t care as long as there’s cake (and maybe a bar)

Seems like there are two types of Firefighter Weddings- ones where it’s subtle and maybe just a nod to the profession, then there are those that go all out!

Either way it’s your choice, and I’ve seen weddings that have both and they are both beautiful!

I’ve asked in many Firefighter circles and kept an eye on Pinterest to bring you the top Firefighter themed Wedding Ideas plus some cute Firefighter Wedding Gifts and Must Haves.

But if your looking for something more of a DIY photoshoot- you’ll want to peep this firefighter guide instead

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Must Have Firefighter Wedding Items for the Bride and Groom

Your wedding is on of the biggest days of your life- and if you pick the right person, it will be your ONLY wedding.

So when it comes to things to plan and do and get- it can be as much or as little as you’d like.

The key here is to make sure you have items you can remember- like pictures, keepsakes for yourself, and keepsakes for your guests!

It’s one of the reasons Firefighter Brides have been loving these custom helmet shields– perfect for pictures and a beautiful keepsake that everyone will want to keep after the big day!

Beauties for the Bride

There are so many wonderful and unique options for Garters, especially on Etsy. Not only are these super cute and sexy, but a must have for any Firefighter Wedding!

You’ve got some options when it comes to Firefighter themed garters- like this classic garter that will match bunker gear!

Or you could go straight up traditional and get a pretty satin Firefighter themed Garter.

Not everyone has a big wedding with a garter though.

you might opt out of a garter- and you could go with something even more subtle like a wedding charm that doubles as ‘something blue’ that you can clip into onto your dress! It’s so cute- it even comes custom with your wedding date!

Fire Life themed Jewlery

Looking for something classy to wear after your engagement, to your rehearsal or even for the wedding? There are so many beautiful jewelry pieces you can add to your collection from Amazon and Etsy! Listed below are the most popular- but their are SO MANY!

Like this maltese cross necklace customized with your Firefighters number, and this absolutely stunning dainty bracelet. Perfect for showing your love of the thin red line without being over the top.

Best part? both of those items would be perfect in a wedding. Cute, classic and adds a touch of Fire Life without it being overly obvious.

Firefighter Weddings Gifts

Getting Gifts for Bridesmaids can be relatively straightforward, even in a firefighter themed wedding. Jewelry, Tshirts and sentimental items take the cake everytime!

But if your looking for items that are more fire based, or if you want Firefighter themed groomsmen gifts, check out the selection below! There’s something fireman related below for everyone in the wedding party.

Check out these custom helmet shield keychains! They come in multiple colors and wording to make a truly unique gift for your groomsmen. Find them on Etsy! These are an affordable option for groomsmen gifts.

Want something unique and one of a kind! This set of 4 Halligan Bottle Openers, with customization, are a big hit for weddings this year!

Check out these unique Fire Extinguisher cufflinks! These are the perfect addition to their attire and a great gift!

BONUS- they are soooo subtle. It’s a great keepsake that isn’t in your face, and it can be used for things besides weddings.

A great groomsmen gift, is this handy firefighter zippo lighter. Since we all know that firefighters also like Fire (responsibly of course!)

It’s all about the Wedding CAKE!

If you are still cutting the cake (because so many are getting creative with donuts and cake pops!) then you need to check out these amazing custom Axes for your wedding!

Talk about a memorable keepsake! These can be personalized in so many ways and are made by a Fellow Firefighter Wife!

Don’t forget about the wedding topper! Customize this Firefighter Silhouette for your wedding cake. Bonus it’s made in the USA- so you aren’t getting a cheap cake topper that might not look like the picture!

Firefighter Wedding T-shirts are pretty much guaranteed.

If there’s one thing true about Firefighter stereotypes, it’s that they love their tshirts!

Tshirts are such a fun way to celebrate and remember your big day! You can get a set with the bridal party- or do a custom one for the new couple!

There’s so many options for tshirts it’s a bit overwhelming- but finding some ideas online can help you narrow down a creator and a design!

Whatever you do- make sure you leave plenty of time with a custom shirt- because accidents happen!

Random Firefighter Wedding Stuff I just had to tell you about!

Silicone Wedding Bands are a MUST for the Firefighter couple. Not only will these protect your hand and your fancy set of wedding bands, but they are also sporting the thin red line- perfect to show your Firefighter love.

This Custom Turnout Gear Wedding Pillow would probably be more appropriate as a wedding gift- but it is so adorable that I wanted to include it in this guide because it could definitely be something you get yourself!

Custom Firefighter Wedding Flutes are an adorable must have for the reception! These would be a great keepsake too.


There you have it, the best Firefighter gear for getting hitched! Did you find something you can’t live without?

Let me know in the comments below!

And if you have any suggestions, send them my way, I’d love to be able to update this as more Firefighter Wedding items come onto the market.

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