Firefighter Themed Baby Name List

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The other day we were talking with a couple that was about to have their first baby… and we shared that all of our boys have firefighter related names.

The couple was also a fire family, so they thought that was cute! But we’ve had other people wonder why we would name some of our kids after a firefighter theme.

Well, if your here, you know, the passion for the thin red line runs deep (not deep enough to make me give up my girls name! but pretty dang deep!)

My husband gets to name the boys first name and I pick the middle name, and wouldn’t you guess it, He always goes for some sort of fire theme!

We were looking at some options for the next baby and came up with 20 of the most relevant and applicable names, trying to steer clear of the top 100 (emphasize on tried!).

These fire themed baby names are for both boys and girls and would be a great addition to your family. If you’re looking for pet names I’d consider our dedicated pet firefighter name list.

While youre here, you might want to consider grabbing some firefighter themed childrens books and setting up your very own fire life styled newborn pictures. With a firefighter themed name, I know those pictures will be a keepsake!

How do you know if it’s the right name?

I’m only including this section because we agonized over what to name our third baby.

It was a struggle that went on for months until finally, I just agreed with my husband even though it didn’t feel right (when I was pregnant).

Here’s the secret though.

Baby names will never feel truly perfect until you meet the baby for the first time.

My husband was supposed to be Taylor. He’s Matthew.

I was supposed to be Lorraine. Here I am a Charisty.

Yes, you can know when they are cooking, but most of the time, if you are unsure, wait until your baby is born. Maybe your favorite name will be better as a middle name, or saved for another time.

Contrary to popular belief you can hold out from naming your baby for days or weeks. Birth Certificates and Social Security cards are good things to have, but not required to leave the hospital and super not required if you choose a homebirth like we did. (you’ll need them by the 18th birthday though, so don’t wait toooo long!)

and you know what else? You can always consider two middle names, especially if they are shorter and still easily fit on the name forms!

Enjoy your baby, as the saying holds true: “the days are long, but the years are short!”

Top 20 Firefighter Themed Baby Names

Aiden – little fire



Aurora- a nod to the fiery night sky

Blaise or Blaze

Brenton- means fire or flame 

Calida- Latin for fire 

Conley- prudent fire


Emberly or Ember

Kay or Kai 

Kenneth-fair and fiery


Flame or Flaime






Robby- one who is like a bright flame 


Zuko- a nod to a popular television series. IYKYK!

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