15 Firefighter Wedding Cake Ideas + Photos

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Doing research for a wedding is fun! Planning… not as much fun. šŸ™ƒ So inside this post, you’ll find the details you need for some cute Firefighter themed wedding cake ideas and tips for adding Firefighter flair to your wedding!

After all, Your wedding is on of the biggest days of your life- and if you pick the right person, it will be your ONLY wedding.

Plan to have your photographer take some great pictures of your Firefighter themed fun to remember in the future. You can find more Firefighter themed wedding picture ideas in this helpful post!

and if you’re looking to get yourself off on the right foot with your marriage, check out our tried and true tips for Firefighter relationships.

Now, let’s talk about cake!

Wedding rings on a firefighters hat

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It’s all about the Wedding CAKE!

I’ll be the firs to say it, the cake is a delicious celebration for the reception. It’s a center piece that guests get to see when they come in for the celebration while you are getting ready. I highly recommend getting a cute and memorable custom Axe for your wedding cake! This will make for a fun photo and it’s a great keepsake you can use on anniversaries.

OH! and Don’t forget about the wedding topper! There are a lot of options out there, but this one you can customize this Firefighter Silhouette for your wedding cake. Added bonus it’s made in the USA- so you aren’t getting a cheap cake topper that might not look like the picture!

Tips for getting the best wedding cake for your big day!

The wedding magazines and planners go on and on about the cake, and they’re right, it’s something that is expensive and can easily get messed up (don’t believe me? these wedding cake horror stories will have you changing your mind)

So it’s important that you take some steps to get the best wedding cake available. For one, you’ve got to meet with the baker, and taste their flavors.

The next thing you need to do is talk about what you’d like to see, ask for pictures of their work, provide pictures of what you want your cake to look like.

After you’ve tasted samples, chatted about work samples and suggestions you MUST get a mock up. This should be a drawing of exactly what you want with notes. Even if it’s a simple cake with only two colors of icing, it can be a simple mockup. This will help you avoid any surprises and will help you baker give you exactly what you asked for! Because chances are slim that you’ll ever do this again (don’t believe me, check out the numbers on Firefighter divorce for the ultimate truth bomb)

should you get a groomsmen cake?

Groomsmen cakes are one of the best ways to give a shout out the the thin red line while still keeping a more traditional wedding cake. Or you can go all in and have both the wedding cake and the groomsmen cake fire themed– it’s your wedding after all!

We’ve got all the Firefighter grooms cake ideas here to help you decide on some ideas and the cake!

Doing your Firefighter Wedding Cake on the DIY

maybe you’re having your own cake (or cupcakes) or maybe you just want to add a little extra flair!

You can add this classy wooden monogramed maltese cross to your otherwise non firefighter cake.

Or you could add a Fireman climbing a ladder to get to the bride (AND it’s personalized!) – especially if your cake is intentional plain! It makes for a great picture and an even better wedding keepsake.

Firefighter Wedding Cake Ideas!

Beautiful Wedding Cake ideas for Firefighter Weddings

More Firefighter Wedding Ideas

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But most importantly…

no matter if you’ve planned it to the hilt or if you ditch everything last minute and elope, I hope you have a wonderful wedding!

It’s the marriage that counts, after all!

Heading Cake Image by James Coleman on Unsplash

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