Easy Ideas and Tips for a Firefighter Themed Photo Shoot

We all love pictures, especially today with our sophisticated smart phones and especially with firefighters (seen instagram lately?)

From single shoots, to couple engagements and then family photos- there’s so many great ideas and cool options for pictures! Then add in maternity pictures, wedding pictures and special events- there’s no limit to the amount of photo ideas.

And pictures are PRICELESS! Yes, I’m saying that with a bit of anxiety that comes attached to being a Firefighter Wife.

But really- you’ll want these pictures one day!

So let’s look at some of the favorite ideas all in one place with some helpful suggestions.

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Before we begin

Obviously a Firefighter photoshoot of some sort isn’t complete without bunker gear or some other fire related uniform.

Let’s just keep in mind that gear is covered in carcinogens that have been linked to high levels of occupational cancer.

Think twice before you use gear that might not have been properly cleaned! Ask your firefighter to do a thorough decon of all gear that will be in contact with children or newborns.

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When the station got brand new gear, we took advantage of it for some fun kid friendly photos!

Quick Items and Ideas for a Firefighter or Thin Red Line Themed Photoshoot!

Thin Red Line Flag– Flags are such a classic way to spice up a shoot! Use them for backdrops or for a newborn shoot.

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American Flag– Obviously, this can’t be placed on the ground, but it can be used as a backdrop or drape. Most Departments have a really big flag too- ask to see if you can borrow it for a photo session at the station!

Firetruck- this one is a no brainer, but some departments do have some strict rules about pictures. You can always talk to the county or see if their are some “junk” trucks that have been bought by a local company to use!

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Animals– what’s cuter than a doggo and a firetruck? throw in a cute kid and it’s a great photo!

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Ax, Halligan, Fire Hose, helmets- These Classic tools of the trade are great (albeit a little dangerous for kids) photo props since your firefighter uses them all the time.

Smoke Props and Smoke Bombs– Looking for a really cool and dramatic effect for your pictures? Pick up some fake smoke for a cool fire themed backdrop. These are especially fun for couples and kids to play with!

Cute kids props– Of course, you can use what you have on hand! I know most of the Fire Families have more than their share of firetrucks and outfits laying around. If you dont, there are plenty on amazon!

Firefighter themed clothing and t-shirts– We know that you have a ton of tshirts as a firefighter family, it comes with the territory! Put those shirts and clothing to good use with a few outfit changes during your photoshoot. Or better yet, turn some of them into a quilt!

Props for Special Occasions (graduation, retirement, newborns)

Special occasions call for special pictures! Are you celebrating a life event? There are some really cool props for those that are!

For newborns, I absolutely love having a cloth diaper cover– these are different from bloomers made many years ago.

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Also consider getting a custom plaque or shadow box made for the occasion. You could even give it as a gift during the photoshoot and get some reaction shots!

Looking for some more ideas?

I have several Pinterest boards with photography ideas! Check them out!

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Did you see anything that you are going to use for your next photoshoot? Have some pictures you would like to see featured? Let me know in the comments below or send me an email!

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