Firefighter Weddings on a Budget: Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank!

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So you want to have a firefighter themed wedding… but you’re on a budget. Totally understandable! The good news is, you can still have an amazing firefighter wedding on a shoestring budget!

And let’s be honest, when we say, “Firefighter Wedding”, we are saying any number of cute and affordable ideas for your big day. There’s adding accents to an already themed wedding, or going all in on a full out display of Fireman Pride!

Plus, there are so many budget-friendly ideas out there… for instance, you can find dozens of unique firefighter wedding cakes, many of which can be DIYed or adapted for a tight budget!

And when it comes to firefighter weddings in general, you have some unique resources you can tap into that will make it super memorable and super affordable!

Let’s dive into some cute cheap options, some cute DIY options, and a word to the wise about things that we wouldn’t suggest you skimp out on!

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Why have a firefighter themed wedding?

When you make the decision to love a firefighter, you’re committing to a way of life: to support them in a career that is equal parts dangerous and rewarding, that helps so many people yet carries so many risks. 

By making it part of your special day, you’re acknowledging the significance of that commitment and declaring just how proud you are to be marrying a firefighter! It’s the perfect union of two worlds!

What does a firefighter wedding look like?

Because weddings are so individual, there can be as many different firefighter themed weddings as there are couples! But let’s look at some overarching themes:

The Color Scheme

Reds, yellows, even oranges and dark blues to represent the fire department! And in my humble opinion, you can’t go wrong with a touch of red, like these silk red rose petals or some elegant red votive candles.

It’s the perfect way to incorporate the firefighter theme while still providing that romantic, elegant feel!

Fire Trucks

I’ll talk more about how to incorporate these down below, but one thing I’ve seen a lot is literal fire trucks being used: whether for pictures, transportation, or both!

Firefighter Gear

There are definitely some elegant ways to incorporate your firefighter’s gear into the wedding, especially in those wedding and engagement photos!

Wedding rings on a firefighters hat

Firefighter-Themed Wedding Cake

Like I mentioned above, there are so many cute and creative ways to do a memorable firefighter wedding cake.

And the wedding toppers? So cute! And though they can get a little pricey, if you shop around you can find some more budget-friendly options, like this customizable Mr. & Mrs. fire truck or this fireman and wife silhouette.

And if you’re doing cupcakes or hors d’oeuvres, try these totally charming thin red line flag toothpicks!

How to plan a firefighter wedding on a budget

  1. First, (obviously) SET A BUDGET. Those purchases add up quick if you’re not careful. So when you start planning, break the wedding down into categories and discuss with your future spouse how much you’re willing to spend–and what you’re willing to let go or DIY.
  2. Utilize your resources! Have an aunt who makes wedding cakes or a brother-in-law who does photography? Ask them to help! A lot of friends and family members will offer their skills, and as long as you know you can trust them to follow through (because let’s be honest, you love your family, but they’re still people!) why not let them be part of your special day?
  3. Buy second hand. Go to thrift shops or check out Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and even eBay for wedding decor and special firefighter-themed memorabilia. You never know what you may find!
  4. Ask your firefighter for help. It’s his wedding too! And it’s probably him who’s going to have to get permission from the Chief for things like, say, a fire truck for wedding photos or a hose for reception decor. 

Budget-Friendly Firefighter Themed Wedding Ideas

Let’s break this firefighter-themed wedding into categories and talk about some budget-friendly options in each one! 

Decorations and Favors

Fire hoses, thin red lines, helmets, Maltese crosses… depending on how you want to decorate and how all-out you plan to go, you can utilize all sorts of memorable imagery in your firefighter wedding.

For some fun and quirky party favors, try these fireman hat lollipops or (preferably for an outdoor wedding) these fire extinguisher water guns.

For something a bit more elegant and classy, try simply tying some thin red ribbon to bubbles or candy bags. (Hot Tamales, Swedish Fish, or even starlight mints are all good choices!)


For a budget-friendly firefighter-themed dinner you can’t go wrong with some five-alarm chili… who knows, maybe someone in the department has a big enough chili pot! 

Barbeque or chicken wings are also budget-friendly options, and of course anything spicy… but maybe put it on the side, just in case some people aren’t too keen on putting out the fire!


Two words: fire truck. Seriously, there are so many adorable ways to take photos in front of a fire truck… just make sure you get Chief’s permission first!

Other options include: 

  • Taking photos in front of a brick wall (like the fire station)
  • Have your firefighter wear his gear while you’re in your dress
  • Have his helmet strategically placed in the foreground
  • Arrange a fire house in the shape of a heart
  • Hold a red ribbon to symbolize the thin red line (and your undying love!)
  • If all or some of the groomsmen are firefighters (not unlikely), have them all wear their gear or hold their helmets
  • If you have a lot of firefighter wedding guests (or if you can arrange it with your fire department), have them stand on either side of you as you leave the ceremony and make an arch with their fireman’s axes!

Seriously, the possibilities are endless and most of them can be done on a dime.

Bridal Party

Of course, red bridal bouquets or red bridesmaids’ dresses are a perfect way to incorporate that firefighter theme into your bridal party. You could also try some red ribbon accents for a subtle tribute to the thin red line!

You can also utilize some inexpensive firefighter charms to decorate the bouquets, ring bearer’s pillow, or anywhere else that could use a special touch! (For instance, if you’re feeling fancy, try these firefighter wine glass charms!)

For groomsmen, these classy thin red line cuff links are a great way to honor your firefighter (and will make a great groomsmen gifts)!

And for the groom, try these awesome Maltese cross cufflinks, which are a perfect way to pay tribute!

Last but not least… things we don’t recommend you skip out on price!

Having been recently married, I remember all too well trying to juggle what I wanted with my budget. There’s so many great things that have come up in just the last few years that I really wanted to get- and then there were warnings from married friends and family that not everything was going to be important.

I took there advice to heart and ended up with a beautiful budget friendly wedding, with the exception of three things!

The first thing I don’t recommend you skip out on is the cake! Or maybe you opt for something else, like cake pops or donuts… whatever you do, get something that is delicious and can give your guests that ‘wow’ factor!

The second thing I don’t recommend would be the photographer. This is the only time you’ll have all these family and friends together, on this day, in this outfit, in this weather… you get the idea. It’s worth documenting, and documenting well so you have the pictures for a lifetime.

The last thing you’ve got to prioritize is your honeymoon! And not in the ‘go into debt’ kinda way, but make sure you save enough that you and your new spouse can go and have some alone time enjoying each others company!


So as you’re planning your firefighter wedding on a budget, remember that even though you’re sure to feel overwhelmed at times with all the little things, you don’t have to do it all. 

Choose a vision and focus on what’s most important to you and your spouse… and yes, make sure your firefighter is involved, too! (Some grooms don’t care, but others do! Mine certainly did!)

Also, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. The best way to avoid going over budget with a wedding is to get creative and be resourceful. Some things are worth paying for, but other things can be easily DIYed or bought second hand! Don’t take anything for granted – that’s how they getcha!

And always remember: no matter what happens, it’s about you and your spouse first and foremost! Sure, you want the decorations to impress and the cake to look amazing, but at the end of the day, it’s a celebration of you and your firefighter’s love and commitment… so make sure you enjoy each other and live in the moment!

About the Author: Becca is passionate about writing and sharing content with people that will benefit the most. A master at reading books, and an aspiring writer herself, She lives in Missouri with her husky puppy and her newlywed Husband, Jon. Find her at simplify-media. com

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