Firefighter Groomsman Cakes Ideas + Photos

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The wedding bells are ringing and love is in the air! It’s time to plan a wedding and weddings mean CAKE! Everyone loves cake (it’s often the star of the show besides the bride!) and what better way to celebrate a Firefighter than with a Firefighter groomsman cake!

Below you’ll find lots of ideas for firefighter themed groomsmen cake ideas (And of course, pictures to show your baker!)

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What exactly is the purpose of a Groomsman Cake?

Back in the day, planning my wedding (when pinterest was just a baby and we relied on magazines) I had no idea what a groomsman cake was for. Sure I saw a few at some weddings, but not everyone had it.

Turns out, it’s been a tradition for a long time! As early as the 17th century, both the bride and groom had their own separate cake.

The actually definition of a groomsman cake is this:

Groom’s cakes are usually served at the wedding reception as a second flavor choice to the guests, but are often served at the rehearsal dinner in some regions. Groom’s Cakes are often decorated to reflect the groom’s hobbies or interests, such as golfing, fishing, hunting, or sports.


Tips for getting the best Firefighter Groomsman Cake

Obviously, it’s a good idea to taste some samples, and most people think the work ends there.

In reality, the best cakes come from the follow up AFTER you’ve had the delicious cake samples and agreed on the flavors.

After you’ve tasted samples, chatted about work samples and suggestions you MUST get a mock up. This should be a drawing of exactly what you want with notes. Even if it’s a simple cake with only two colors of icing, it can be a simple mockup. This will help you avoid any surprises and will help you baker give you exactly what you asked for! Because chances are slim that you’ll ever do this again (don’t believe me, check out the numbers on Firefighter divorce for the ultimate truth bomb)

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A few things you need for your Groomsman Cake

Preparing for the groomsman cake is similar to what you would do for the regular wedding cake. Highly recommend checking out these amazing custom Axes for your wedding!

Those custom fire axes are a super huge hit with Firefighter weddings and make for a really cool wedding keepsake.

Other than that, Don’t forget to have your photographer take some great pictures of your cake! You can find more Firefighter themed wedding picture ideas in this helpful post!

When do you serve the Groom’s Cake?

There are no set rules for when you can serve the cake. The two most popular options are 1.) at the wedding to give the guest another choice of flavor and 2.) at the reception dinner as the dessert.

If you decide to have a groomsman cake at the wedding you’ll be overwhelmed with cake! You can cut it directly after you cut the wedding cake (especially for pictures!) or send it home with guests for later.

Firefighter Groomsman Cake Ideas

Without further ado, here are some awesome ideas for a Firefighter groom’s cake.

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Firefighter Groomsmen Cake Ideas

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