20 Gorgeous firefighter wedding photos (you will want for your big day!)

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it’s a nice day for a white wedding… and if your getting hitched to a firefighter (or you are the firefighter) you might want some touches of fire in your big day.

And we know that it’s hella popular! The only other post we have about firefighter wedding ideas is crazy popular- but it doesn’t include some must have pictures.

Because the pictures are the things you will look back on for years to come, and there’s no better way to dress it up than with these fun and unique firefighter wedding pictures!

OH! and when the time comes- definetely check out the adorable newborn pictures with a firefighter twist

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Let’s get started with some Beautiful Pictures!

The thing about wedding pictures is that you’ll get to remember this moment for forever! Don’t go cheap on it- you’ll regret it.

Obviously don’t go in debt either- I’m all about couples starting off on the right footing. Just make sure you do your best to capture the moment!

Some things you can have for your photos include thin red line flags, CLEAN Bunker gear, and asking Chief Permission for those Fire Station Wedding Photos!

Consider also items like a custom wedding shield for the big day (or the save the date!) These are attached to the helmets and make an incredible souvenir! Firefighter Helmet Shields are pretty new to the wedding scene- but the pictures with them are incredible!

Think about fun ways you can add to your wedding! Items like this bunker gear colored garter are cute and so subtle!

OH! And cake toppers! I love these so much- I wish I could marry my firefighter again with all these cute new things! Having a classic cake with a cake topper and then cutting it with a keepsake axe! It’s something you’ll never forget.

Beautiful Pictures for a Beautiful Bride!

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