How to Survive Medic School (and tips to make it easier!)

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Medic School is one of those things that makes or breaks a career before it even starts… and for good reason! Schools want to make sure that Paramedics can handle the instense pressure and weird schedule, so they give you the ultimate taste before you are licensed.

Paramedicine… also known as a doctor of badassery, is a hands on high-stress job. This is sometimes paired with other careers like Firefighting, or sometimes a standalone as a step up from EMT work.

Since I survived Medic School and lived to tell the tale, let me give you some insight I’ve picked up (and some helpful advice that other more senior Medics gave me!)

Before starting Medic school ask yourself these three questions:

So you wanna be a medic huh? Its honest work and respectable. But first you gotta decide if your up for the schooling. Now its not for the faint of the heart so I implore you to ask yourself 3 important questions.

First ask yourself: why do you want to do this?

I mean really think hard on it. Its not an easy job and it can be extremely taxing. It rewarding but with some very hard days with long hours. If you don’t have passion I assure you that you will no latst.

Second: Are you up for the Workload?

Schooling for paramedic is fast paced and alot hours in and out of the class room. Thats independent studying and clinicals. I slept many nights at my office desk face down in a textbook.

Third: How will this effect your family?

If you do not have the support of your significant other it will be really bad. Legit its just as hard on them as it is you.

You will be missing a lot of time together and that includes kids if you got them. So make sure you have that conversation and lay everything out on the table.

If you don’t have a Partner, then this is the time to go to Medic School!

5 thigns they dont tell you about medic school

Medic school is a great option to advance your career as a first responder! But its not all sunshine and rainbows. Their are alot of things I wish I had known or realized before I enrolled.

Let me see if I can help you out so you are not blind sided like me. Here are 5 things they don’t tell you about medic school.

1.You will have almost no spare time.

Now every program is different but most of the time you will be either in class, on clinicals or studying. And any combination of those three and sometimes simultaneously. So social life outside of your classmates will definitely be strained or nonexistent.

2.Its super easy to develop to pick up bad habits.

This primarily due to the high stress from the work load. Alot of people gain weight from eating fast food and some lose a bunch of weight from not eating at all. Along with poor dieting their is also poor attitudes. Its really easy to get super salty super quick. Hell I’ve even heard of people picking up smoking and drinking.(not recommended)

3.Clinicals can actually be a really good time.

It sounds miserable to go work for free essentially. But alot of these preceptors are laid back and easy to get along with. They usually make for good company and can teach tricks of the field that you won’t learn in the classroom. Utilize it!

4.Strain on marriage is real.

I know this can kinda be linked back to number one but let me explain. Your work load will be large and if you working a job as well its even harder. Your relationship with your significant other is going to be strained. I didn’t realize this till I was already all up in the kool-aid. Have a real conversation with your other half before starting.

5.The since of accomplishment is unreal.

Kinda cheesy I know. But this is a hard fast paced course with very little mercy. When you finally complete it its a great feeling to know you overcame the adversities you faced in order to succeed. Well atleast until you sit for your national test. But regardless its a glory you should take in.
So their you have it those the things I wish I had known before enrolling. Now get after it and save some lives, kick ass and take names!

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How to Survive Paramedic School

So you did it…you signed up far paramedic school. It certainly will be an exciting year for you but understand its a heavy workload and a large undertaking. You will be moving quickly through subjects with alot of self teaching. But its not impossible. In fact I have a few tips and tricks that hopefully you will find helpful to survive medic school.

First tip

I have is get some sleep when you can. You will at some point be doing a class or clinical every day and thats not including study time. If you already qork in the field then you know you will have to juggle shift work as well. So I highly encourage to create self discipline to get to bed on time whenever possible. Do not stay up binge watching Netflix 🙄.

Second Tip

Pack several health snacks for your classes or clinicals. Its almost a guarantee that all college campuses have vending machines nearby. Don’t do it. It’s probably junk. Save some money, and some cellulite, and pack your own nutritious snacks. This will provide the fuel you need to listen to lectures and maintain focus.

Third Tip

Ask as many questions as you need and do not back down. This is your class and you get out of it what you put into it. If you read something that doesn’t make since bring it to one of your instructors to help sort it out.

Fourth Tip

Advise your significant other that this year will be extremely busy and honestly stressful. Help each other by giving that clear communication of needs. Also schedule a date night in advance it will give you something to look forward to.

Last Tip

Your going to mess up. Maybe its a scenario or a test but it will happen. Its not the end of the world so don’t treat it as such. Learn from it and suck it up to do better next time.

All in all its an intense year but filled with great learning and experience opportunity. Sieze it and soak it all in.

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