The Female Firefighter’s Gift Guide

Did you know that roughly 10% of Firefighters are Female?

Cool Right?!?

There’s so much that Women do in the Fire Service but what’s not cool is lumping them in with the dudes. Sometimes a girl just wants something that isn’t marketed with breast and caters more to the feminine side.

And it’s true!

Search for Firefighter Gifts and you’ll find a bunch of stuff marketed for ‘firemen’ and covered in skulls and design from early 2000s (and to tell the truth- most guys don’t like this stuff either!)

It’s like the women are being punished for choosing to be a firefighter because some of the recommendations I’ve seen in other places are just atrocious. Even though they have all the risk that Male Firefighters have (and maybe even a higher cancer risk!)

And we can’t have that! These women are out here saving lives and protecting property- and they deserve some damn recognition for their line of work!

So I present to you, a guide of curated and hand selected items for the Lady Firefighter in your life!

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Female Firefighters Gift Guide

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