The Female Firefighter’s Gift Guide

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Did you know that roughly 10% of Firefighters are Female?

Cool Right?!?

There’s so much that Women do in the Fire Service but what’s not cool is lumping them in with the dudes. Sometimes a girl just wants something that isn’t marketed with breast and caters more to the feminine side. Maybe she just wants legit Female Firefighters Gifts !

But if you are looking for a general Firefighter gift guide, head over to the Best Gifts for Firefighters for anytime.

It’s so true though, Search for Firefighter Gifts and you’ll find a bunch of stuff marketed for ‘firemen’ and covered in skulls and design from early 2000s (and to tell the truth- most guys don’t like this stuff either!)

It’s like the women are being punished for choosing to be a firefighter because some of the recommendations I’ve seen in other places are just atrocious. Even though they have all the risk that Male Firefighters have (and maybe even a higher cancer risk!)

And we can’t have that! These women are out here saving lives and protecting property- and they deserve some damn recognition for their line of work!

So I present to you, a guide of curated and hand selected items for the Lady Firefighter in your life!

Table Of Contents:

Is this list for Volunteer or Career Firefighters?

Quick Tips for Firefighter Gifts

Gifts we don’t recommend

The Female Firefighter Gift Guide

I don’t want a cute gift, I want an useful gift for the job


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Is this list for Volunteer or Career Firefighters?

This list is for all firefighters, both career and volunteer. While there are training differences, nuances with titles and positions, and requirement differences; the heart of a firefighter remains the same.

Items in this post will apply to female firefighters in training, those in career positions, and those in volunteer positions!

Quick Tips for Gifting

Gifts are best given with meaning. Sure you could walk into any target or superstore and grab something random… like a candle.

Truth be told, most people don’t want those things, instead they want something a little more personal and that shows that you know some of the things they like.

Below you’ll find an assortment of things that can be personalized (highly recommended!) and you’ll also see things that could still be considered “cheap and safe” gifts that could be given when you might not know the recipient very well.

As always, PLEASE include a hand written note, as that is a lost art in gift giving that adds the extra touch needed to compliment a gift!

Gifts we don’t recommend

In one paragraph I’ll tell you all the things we don’t recommend you get for a female firefighter (or any firefighter for that matter).

So before it gets better, we’ve got to set the record straight.

Please reconsider any of the following items unless you know for sure that they want/need the items listed:

Tshirts, coffee mugs, baseball caps, cheap knives from amazon or ebay, generic magnets/stickers/notepads/sashes/decals (not custom ones, just generic ones), “ready made” first responder kits, shoes/ gear/ gloves.

Most of these things above are over gifted and pushed by those not in the fire service. If you are truly clueless about what your Firefighter might need, enlist the help of friends and family!

Female Firefighter Gift Guide

Female Firefighters Gift Guide

I don’t want a ‘cute’ gift for my female firefighter, I want to give something they can use on the job!

While many of the gifts in this post are meant for decoration, show, or accessories, there are a few that are important for the job (particularly the love token and the radio strap).

If you really don’t find what you are looking for, might I suggest getting your Firefighter one of the following:


Hopefully you have some fresh ideas for items for women firefighters, but if not, just reach out to them or friends and family, and see what you can gift them!

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