15 Relatable Memes for Firefighter Wife

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Memes, or Meh-mays as I like to call them, for the Firefighter Wife can be few and far between.

Shoutout to the Original OG’s who created some graphics that are now, sadly too pixelated and grainy for modern phones.

No worries though, my fellow Fire Sisters, we’ve got some higher quality memes for Fire Wives at your disposal. We’ve got the feel good firefighter wife content, the relatable firefighter’s wife memes and then some fan favorites as voted by our instagram account! Enjoy these Firefighter Wife Quotes!

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Funny Firefighter Wife Memes

  1. For most of you (like 95%) of you, your Firefighter Isn’t just a Firefighter. So for starters, let’s celebrate what they do…

2. Starting you off with some truths.

Fire Life IS hard, at times.

And loving is easy… at times.

But my love for you will far outlast the fire life, so I’ll take this journey hand in hand with you everytime. Here’s 5 things most women don’t know about Fire Life starting out (that bite them in the butt later on!)

3. Not everyday. Not all the time. But in those moments that count, you, my fire sister, are stronger and more capable than you realize.

4. Just for clarities sake.

There’s some not-so-great stuff being spread. That either A. you can’t celebrate the fire life because it’s ‘just a job’ and that B. If you celebrate the Fire life it’s because your some 20 yr long badge bunny holdout obsessed with the drama.

Both of those are wildly incorrect. You love the person behind the gear, and however else you want to show that love, you can do it in support of the person you gave your heart to.

It’s that simple.

5. If you know, you know!

6. One of many great verses for Firefighter Wives to pray.

7. My Prayer everyday. For my firefighter, for your firefighter, and for those families missing there firefighters on this earthly journey.

8. Since I can’t lie, here’s a truth for you.

8. Thank you.

Thank you Fire Wives? Firefighters? Fire Family?

Not sure, you can decide. One thing is true. A thank you goes a long way and there are too few of them in today’s age.

9. Self explanatory.

10. rounding out number 10 with a truth that you can relate to while your Firefighter is away. May not get to see it, but I can sure text Him about it!

11. Let’s talk about Murphy. Murphy’s Law happens to us sometimes on shift, because some shift days, anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

12. Did I know I would marry a man in Uniform? Nope, but He sure looks good in Navy Blue!

13. And it’s a tight line at time. One that tests my faith and confuses my soul. But He loves the fire, always has, maybe always will. So I walk this line with Him.

14. This was a really cute phrase I stumbled across on Instagram, and it has stuck like wildfire.

Having Fire Wife Grit is what makes us an unique breed- there’s just shit you gotta do when your firefighter isn’t home!

15. And finally… you just might love a firefighter if

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