Firefighter Wife Blog

Who this is for: The Firefighter wife- maybe she needs help, or someone to tell her she’s not crazy. Then this is the place for you!

Who it’s not for: The Firefighter Wife who thinks that the job is either 100% awesome (no hero worship here!) or the job is 100% of her problems (ehhh see what happens when he switches profession, bet it’s the same ole same ole!)

We keep it real here, but we also keep it loving. Sometimes we need someone to tell us it’s ok (it really is!) but we aren’t going to be fake. Lives and marriages are at stake!

So don’t let the Fire Life get you down! Discover helpful thoughts and advice because you aren’t alone.

See something not mentioned here? Reach out- we are a family after all. Let’s work together to get the support we need (and help our firefighters out along the way!)

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