Firefighter Groupies; Names, Real Stories, Definition

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We’ve all read or watch the Firefighter love stories, but sometimes there’s way more going on behind the scenes! In these instances, or when someone is lazer focused on having any Firefighter, we refer to Firefighter Groupies!

If you’ve ever hung out at the station during Table Talk time, you’ve likely heard the stories of Firefighter Groupies. There’s always a few in every city, and someone either experienced it first hand or had a buddy who did.

Let’s talk about the elusive but mostly harmless Firefighter Groupie.

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What do you call a Firefighter Groupie?

There are a number of names for Firefighter Groupies, but the most appropriate is a Bunker Bunny. There’s also badge bunnies, uniform chasers, hose hoes, fireflies, fire hoes, hero chasers, turnout chasers, and hose lovers.

I asked some fellow Fire Wives on Instagram what they called firefighter groupies in their communities. The replies did not disappoint!

Names for Firefighter Groupies:

  • Bunker Bunny
  • Badge bunnies
  • Uniform chasers
  • Hose hoes
  • Fireflies
  • Fire hoes
  • Hero chasers
  • Turnout chasers
  • Hose lovers

What exactly is a Firefighter Groupie?

There’s two definitions in the Fire Family circles that define what a badge bunny would be.

The first is a straight and standard definition… it’s a woman that really likes Firefighters. This is pretty benign as it can cover someone that hooks up with Firefighters, prefers to date Firefighters, or has a Firefighter as a Baby Daddy. In this definition, all of the Firefighters are available for dating… which leads us to the next option.

The other definition is a bit more scandalous as Firefighter groupies can sometimes be seen as home-wreckers. These are the women that engage with Firemen who are in a relationship, and some of these happen at the station. See more on those stories below.

One thing is for sure, despite women firefighters getting divorced at higher than average rates, no one really refers to men as groupies. This could be because the Fire Industry is dominated by males, but also because Firemen are seen more of a sex object (think calendars and saving the damsel in distress).

Real Life Stories of Firefighter Groupies

While both of these stories have been shared with me, I have to keep them confidential for obvious reasons (mainly that no department wants the black tarnish on their public image). Since Fire Departments are funded by Tax dollars, we get into some complications when employees do things on the clock that are wrong!

Story one- Told from the Wife’s perspective.

This story came to me by email and it was a thick one to get through. Here’s what happened.

Woman A met her Firefighter at the bar one night and hit it off. They began dating and eventually got married… and then her Firefighter cheated on her at the station with another Firefighter.

Fast forward three years and she is single, and begins to date another Firefighter(number 2) who she later finds out works with her ex husband Firefighter.

Things get even more complicated when she breaks up with number 2 firefighter to get back with Firefighter number 1!

Yes, yes, I know- what a story! She contacted me for two reasons. One to ask my opinion about moving stations and if that might help their relationship/the rumors as she is back with Firefighter 1 and wants to make things work ( I gave her a big YES, move away and start fresh!)

Reason Two was to lament that she should have just stayed with Firefighter One as he cheated on her because of some emotional/stress stuff that he has since gotten treatment for. (but she couldn’t have really known in the moment because He was struggling with the stress and not being honest about it)

Why am I sharing this story? Because there’s always behind the scenes stuff we don’t know about!

Story Two- From the Confident’s Perspective

Story number two is an unfortunate situation of ethics. In this account, someone reached out to me asking what I would do in the situation.

Like most stations, there are meetings or gatherings and the Fire Wifes and kids and such are invited. My new friend named, “Claire” was invited to one of these events but she didn’t know if she should go because…

Her Husband had just found out there two of his coworkers were involved in some unprofessional behavior. Basically… a single Firefighter that worked with another Married Firefighter was secretly banging the Married Firefighter’s Wife. Claire’s Husband worked with both of them and didn’t know what to do once he found out, so He shared it with his wife and was looking to speak to the Chief.

Wild right? My friend “Claire” didn’t know if she should go to this gathering, if she should say something because she hated that her husband had been caught up as an outsider in this situation, if there was going to be tension… so I told her to either go and call them out (or have her husband go to the Chief), or not go and stay out of it. Thankfully for her, the situation resolved itself before the gathering and they canceled everything while there was an internal investigation.

Reason for sharing this story? The woman who was married to a Fireman and cheating with the single Firefighter ended up leaving both of them… and then started another drama at a station close by. She is a true Firefighter groupie.

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