Firefighter Quilt- DIY ideas and tips

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Celebrating a Firefighter, from graduation through retirement is so much fun! And what better way to say good job and thank you than with a custom Firefighter Quilt!

Now you can make a standard quilt, or a T-shirt quilt! You’ll find ideas below and some tips for making it work. I’d love to show you my finished project… but it’s been a year in the making! I’m making this post in the hopes that I feel inspired to finish the one I have for my firefighter!

of course, if you think hiring someone to do this for you is the better idea, there are those options too!

Either way, making a quilt is a labor of love, and involves some time commitments, but it will result in a heirloom item that will be loved for many years.

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Firefighter Quilt Ideas

Tips for Making your Firefighter Quilt

Depending on the design and the size of the quilt – it can become very time consuming, so if this is your first quilt, go with a simple pattern. Also Consider using precut fabric!

If you are doing a tshirt quilt, consider using a

find a simple pattern – yellow brick road is a great one to start with. best selling beginner pattern however if you feel like something ask the quilt store.

remember in quilting there is no right or wrong – whatever you are comfortable with.

Equipment You’ll Need to make a Firefighter Quilt

Obviously you’ll need some firefighter themed fabric to help break up the quilt- or for the backing. Here’s some of the best one’s I’ve found:

5 Alarm in Black (the bestseller on etsy!)

5 Alarm in Classic ( This is one I grabbed for the quilt I’m making)

Timeless Treasure Firefighter ( I used this for one of my daughter’s dresses- I love this fabric! It’s so true to color!)

Quilt Panels are Helpful too, as it’s less that you’ll need to cut and piece together.

Here’s a Really Incredible Firefighter Quilt Panel (great for male or female)

And this one with a flag and eagle

But you’ll also need:

sewing machine

rotary cutter


cutting board



Firefighter Quilts!

Have you made one? Are you thinking about it? Let me know! I’d love to see your designs and hopefully get the inspiration I need to finish mine.

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