How to Celebrate Firefighters Day?

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So if there is any day to recognize firefighters and show some thanks it’s Firefighters Day. It’s a lesser known day for most of the general public. On May 4th show some thanks to your local, non local firefighters or heck maybe you have a family member that’s a firefighter! Here is a few ways to show them your appreciation!

You can celebrate Firefighters Day by sending a thank you letter to your local fire station, learning how to provide immediate emergency care such as CPR or even teaching children about firefighters.

Send a thank you letter

A secret that most firefighters don’t mention is we love thank you letters and cards! I remember I had a thank you letter from a little kid that I never even met before hanging in my locker for over a year!

It’s a small token with a big impact in a job that is a lot of times a thankless one. While the people that do this job don’t do it for glory or recognition, it sure helps to hear a thank you on a tough day.

Learning how to provide immediate emergency care

One of the best things you can do for firefighters is learn! That’s right learn. CPR is a very easy skill to learn and it’s one of the few things proven to improve the odds when it comes to the outcome of somebody in that situation.

Another option is taking a Stop The Bleed course to learn to control bleeding from injuries. The more bystanders and civilians learn these kind of things the safer our community can be, which is top priority for firefighters!

Teaching about firefighters to kids

Another really important and helpful thing you can do for fighters of this day of recognition is to teach kids about firefighters! Let’s face it when firefighters get all bunked out in their gear it can be a little scary for kids.

It’s the perfect opportunity to teach kids about what firefighters might look like in a fire and what we actually do. Doing a class project, visiting a fire station or reading firefighter children’s books!

There are a ton of options for to teach children and a ton of books as well. In fact here’s a list!

10 Best Firefighter books for young kids

We appreciate the support

Firefighter appreciation day is a great time to show your favorite firefighters some love! Send them that thank you card or some baked goods from your local bakery 😉.

Don’t let the starwars franchise hog all the glory for the day! Oh and May the 4th be with you! 

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