Firefighter learning for Preschoolers- Free Printables

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My oldest has become a preschooler, and he is still insanely obsessed with Fire trucks and Firefighters. Naturally, Firefighters are a common topic in our house and invite lots of learning time.

Most of our learning time comes in the forms of words. We’ve moved past the standard talk of firetrucks to a much larger vocabulary. My son can now tell the difference between ambulances, tower trucks and fire rescue trucks. He wants to role-play with fire hose, face masks and his turnout gear.

Obviously, when it came time to learn and practice writing, I wanted to have several firefighter options for him!

Free Firefighter Printables

Word Tracer

Preparing my preschool for kindergarten is a big task. We’ve been working on fine motor skills with lots of different activities. This word tracer is PERFECT for him.

We have lots of firefighter based words to fill in and he was more than happy to work on tracing his letters (till he got distracted and wanted to make a star- but then we got back on task with the promise of a fire truck coloring sheet- see below!)

Coloring Pages

It can’t be all work and no play! These are perfect for practice to color in between the lines. I like to sandwich these between the “work” pages.

So I tend to print of 2-3 pages and let him pick one, color it, do a worksheet, then color again. It really helps with holding the writing utensil and mastering those fine motor skills (with firetrucks, of course!)

Matching words with pictures

I did have to help with this section of the learning activity. Although he did know the word “boot” so that’s a parenting win! I created this word matching sheet with firefighter related items to finish off our day of firefighter worksheets.

You can find all of these firefighter printable and more on Check out the free printables here!

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