Thank you Firefighter Wife

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Published August 2019, Updated July 2020

Here’s to all the wives who are married to some of the bravest- this one is for you.

Thank you Fire Wife, for showing up even when it seems impossible.

For keeping the house together even when it feels like everything is falling apart. (and it always seems to be falling apart when your FF is gone)

It may not seem like a lot, but without your help, your Firefighter couldn’t make the difference that they make right now.

But it doesn’t feel like that right? It doesn’t feel like you are directly saving someone’s life. It doesn’t feel like you are truly appreciated.

Instead, it feels like you are losing your life- losing who you are as you try to be everything at home when your firefighter is away.

So over it when he comes home that you hand him the responsibilities as you walk out the door to take a break. Emotionally, mentally and physically beat from the time he’s been away on calls.

But then you find this inner strength you didn’t know you even had, and you go back in. Back to the proverbial fire- dealing with your Firefighter and all of his baggage from work (and the PTSD is no joke!)

Thank you Fire Wife.

Thank you for having grace and compassion when your Husband runs out the door to save a life.

Thank you for helping your Firefighter through the bad days. Because there will be bad days, horrible days, days that make you question everything. But you will find the help and support and be the one behind the scenes that makes an impact.

Thank you Fire Wife, for telling the neighbors to mind their business and for advocating for First Responders because you know all too well what it’s like. How you stay awake some nights worried and anxious. Then how you learn to deal with those thoughts and care for the next generation of Fire Wives.

And when it feels like the World Hates your Firefighter– you still stay. Because you know that heart behind those bunkers.

Without you, Firefighters as we know it wouldn’t exist. Without the support at home, the job can’t be done to the fullest. You pull double duty with meals and laundry and the kids so that your spouse can save lives.

It is always glorious? No- sometimes it fun and sometimes it’s hard.

These words are for the hard times.

The times you want to quit.

The times where you feel like you’ve had enough and your Firefighter has had enough and everything needs to go away. When Solo parenting is just too much– and when you need to have somebody else cook AND clean in the kitchen.

During these times, I want to thank you.

1000x over I want to thank you.

I see you struggling, I know you’re tired.

But you, you were forged in Fire. No matter if you are a fire wife for one day or 5000 days. This job will not beat you- you are not defined by the ‘firefighter wife’.

Because you are so much more. Never give up- just take a break. You’re so much more valuable then you realize. Thank you.

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