10 quick instapot dinners for shift night

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Lots of first responders and blue collar workers get placed on shift work. And while I love having my firefighter home for 48 hours after he works 24, those 24 hours that he works need all the help they can get!

Cue the easy instapot meals!

These instapot meals are great for the family that is at home during shift time, and the second family at work. I hope you find something that you love and becomes a new family favorite!

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Why I love my instapot

I won’t lie, I’ve had my instapot almost 4 years now, and I use it almost everyday.

It is the perfect rice cooker, the best mashed potatoes maker, and I can throw meat in the pot without worrying about burning it (plus it turns out tender, juicy and full of flavor!). plus, I can make yogurt and bread with a few additional accesories!

With my husband gone on shift and 3 kids at home, the instapot is our saving grace for a yummy meal without sacrificing time to stand in the kitchen and mind the stove!

The instapot is the perfect addition to the work kitchen

Modern pressure cookers are amazing, especially when you dont have a lot of time! That is why all work kitchen should have a version of the instapot.

They can whip up yummy meals in under half an hour and not have to stand in the kitchen to make it!

And while I don’t advertise that you should leave the instapot unattended- if you did forget because you had a call in the middle of making dinner, chances are that it would not catch fire due to modern safety features. Which is a big plus, because people set their kitchens on fire all the time!

There are a few brands and they all work really similarly- but I love my instapot!

10 Quick and Easy Instapot dinners for Shift Night

Shift night means different things for different people- but one thing is for sure, easy dinners are much needed on shift nights! Here are 10 quick and easy Instapot meals.

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