The Best Firefighter Graduation Gifts

published Feb 2019. Updated November 2019

Firefighter Graduations are some of the most exciting and hard earned events for the newest recruit. They have spent countless hours training both their minds and their bodies to become part of the 1% of American’s capable of doing what a Firefighter does.

And after all this hard work, you want to get them something nice to celebrate! This can be anything from a personalized gift to a gift under 25 dollars.

Whatever your price range- we’ve got lots of amazing ideas for the Firefighter Graduation Gift Ideas!

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Table of Contents- Fire Graduation Gifts

✅ The Best gifts for New Firefighters

Personalized Fire Academy Graduation Gifts

Useful Gear for Firefighter Graduations Gifts

Fire Graduation Gifts for Boyfriend, Fiance, Husband

Funny Firefighter Graduation Gift Ideas

Gifts for the FireFighter Graduation Class

Gifts under 25 for new Firefighter Recruits

Firefighter graduation gift guide. There's something for everyone here, from personalized to useful gear.
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✅ Best gifts for New Firefighters

One of the Best Gifts for a Fire Graduation is this custom Firefighter Blanket. It’s got 5 stars on Amazon and is crazy popular. This is perfect for working at the station (you can never loose it!) or for lounging around at home. It’s one of those timeless gifts that doesn’t scream ‘cheesy’, especially because it’s something you know they’ll use!

Want to get something with safety in mind? ( I mean… it IS kinda dangerous out there) Discover this useful and helpful gift that is always wonderfully received from the new graduate!

The helmet band holds accessories, the door wedge is helpful for holding open doors and windows, and the stickers (specially made to withstand heat) are for identification and visibility!

Personalized Fire Academy Graduation Gifts

Personalized gifts are all the rage now- and rightful so. They can be a keepsake or a memento for years to come!

A Classic gift (an ode to the Thin Red Line for Firefighters) is this personalized wall hanging. Perfect for your Firefighters Last name (since that’s what will get plastered on all their new gear!) Bonus- it’s under 25 dollars.

Looking for something truly personalized that can even be used at the station? These custom pieces, inspired by the look of turnout gear, would look great in the bunk rooms on your favorite Firefighter’s bed! You do order them separately. Click on the links for more info!

If you are looking for something USEFUL and PERSONALIZED- these are the go-to for a new Firefighter! They are custom-designed leather straps for holding the gloves when not in use. Hand stamped with your last name and hand painted, they are then stitched together for completion.

Seriously SO useful when you are on the job! Firefighters need to have all their geared stored properly for maximum efficiency and glove straps are a must.

Useful Gear for Firefighter Graduations Gifts

Are you one of those people that likes to get useful items as gifts? That’s great- but sometimes you don’t know what’s useful and what’s not!

I can tell you that almost all the “Firefighter themed knives” online are not useful- firefighters need some quality (and somewhat expensive) knives because of the demands of the job (you would NEVER want a tool to malfunction in the field) .

If you do want a quality knife, I highly recommend this life saving knifeThis is the knife you want a firefighter to have when they show up to help you! This 5 star rated knife is guaranteed for life, and built with First Responders in mind.

So lets look at some other useful options you can find without knowing too much about what a Firefighter needs for work!


Multitools are the PERFECT useful gift! The “modern Swiss army knife” these multitools are full of great accessories for anything they might need on the job!

Quick Compare the top 3 multi tools here!

Raptor Shears are another insanely useful gift for any Firefighter that will be exposed to medical calls (which most of them will!) This popular Leatherman Raptor Shear is a six in one tool. It comes in a variety of colors and it’s made specifically for the First Responder! The 6 tools are: folding medical shears, a strap cutter, a ring cutter, a ruler, an oxygen tank wrench, and a carbide glass breaker. You can’t go wrong with a 25 year warranty and repair right in the United States!

Helmet Accessories- Stickers,Helmet Bands, Lights

One of the main tools a Firefighter needs is their helmet! There are so many cool things that they can have to customize their helmets, and many of these items are standard across the industry! Stickers (specially rated for heat and fire!) are useful for reflection, helmet bands for storing tools, chocks for wedging open doors and windows, and lights for having some extra lumination. You can purchase these individually or in a multi pack.

Identifire Reflective and Glow in the Dark Stickers ARE A MUST. I would NEVER wish an accident on a firefighter- but if that mayday call comes through, i would hope they would have lots of identifying stickers and reflective material so that they could be easily found!


Lights are another insanely useful tool to have on your Helmet for when you need it most! These can come with both the light and the mount, or order the light or mount separately.

The Most popular light by far, is this Amazon’s Choice, 5 star rated Streamlight. Complete with a 360 degree clamp, and easy buttons that work through heavy work gloves, this light is one of the best you can get!

Compare the top 3 lights here!

If you are looking for a budget friendly option, try the streamlight PolyTac. Often times you can find it under 50 dollars, which is a steal!

Firefighter Graduation Gift Ideas for the Newest Recruit.
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Fire Graduation Gifts for Boyfriend, Fiance, Husband

Many Firefighters go through the Fire School with a special someone supporting them, which is great because it can be really hard!

Like reallllly hard- yes, PTSD is a problem, even before they’ve even made it out the gate!

This his and hers Firefighter Keychain is a great momento for each partner to remember the other while they are away! It’s also common for Firefighters to carry tokens or memory items to keep them safe and focused when on a call!

Funny Firefighter Graduation Gift Ideas

Funny Firefighter gifts are certainly a favorite! And for good reason, every one needs a good laugh every now and then!

This water bottle is also a funny, yet useful gift, sure to turn heads wherever you use it! I’m not sure who thought up all this stuff- but this is one of the best novelty gifts I’ve seen in a long time! Best part- it comes highly recommended!

Gifts for the FireFighter Graduation Class

The Fire Academy is a special time where you find out what you’re made of! Gifts and mementos from Fellow Firefighters are cherished as you move on to your new careers.

Grab a MultiPack of these Thin Red Line Keychains for everyone (or just the special ones) in your graduating class. Reasonably priced, Amazons choice, and 5 stars- you can’t go wrong with these!

Fire Academy class gift ideas wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Challenge coins! There are very few on Amazon- so check out these sites for some bulk options. and

Gifts under 25 for new Firefighter Recruits

Perfect for your Firefighters Last name (since that’s what will get plastered on all their new gear!) A Classic gift (an ode to the Thin Red Line for Firefighters) is this personalized wall hanging. Check it out here.

Helmet Bands are a must have accessory for any Firefighter- new or old. They hold common tools on your helmet so you have access when you need the most. This 3 pack of Helmet Bands is well under 25 dollars and worth every cent!

You can never go wrong with a good t-shirt! All of these are under 25 and awesome for a new firefighter! Get one for yourself too- show support for Firefighters and the Thin Red Line everywhere!


Tons of Amazing Gift options for the New Firefighter, from custom items to useful tools! If you didn’t find what you’re looking for you can head over to Amazon and browse all their Firefighter gear.

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Firefighter Graduation Gift Ideas #firefighter
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