Thoughts every Firefighter Wife has on Shift day

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Shift days can be an absolute madhouse in our family.

There is no hiding that- when you go from two people at home to solo parenting (kids OR animals or maybe like me with both!) things get a little difficult.

Not always bad, no, not bad. Someday shift days are great because you get to do what you want without having to talk to someone about it.

And I love getting to cook and clean ‘my way’. or not at all 😏

But other days you are totally overwhelmed and totally upset. These are the days you don’t get enough appreciation and it really shows!

Both are OK!

So what are Fire Wives really thinking on shift days?

🚒 good lord- did he really leave his socks on the floor in the laundry room?

🚒 Don’t check facebook, don’t check facebook- instagram might not be safe either.

🚒 Marco polo now or save the video for later?

🚒 Shoot I missed his call- and nowwwww he won’t answer.

🚒 ooo bad accident- I hope he’s ok. I hope he handled this well. I hope the people involved are ok.

🚒 Ice cream for dinner, that’s a YES!

🚒 Murphy, you dirty dirty no good rotten…

🚒 I wonder if he paid the water bill. I’ll have to ask him when he get’s off.

🚒 Think he’ll get home on time? HA.

🚒 I sure do miss him when he’s gone, but damn, I enjoy the breaks.

🚒 Wonder who I can call for a chat- this whole not talking to other people is lonely

🚒 Lemme check the doors and house one more time before bed.

🚒 And just like that, he’s home!

It doesnt matter if you are solo parenting, stressed about money, or enjoying your best life.

This shift work makes things really different for all of us- remember to take care of yourself too!

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