Funny Firefighter Retirement Gifts

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You’ve spent all this time with your Fire Family… and you can’t just say goodbye without doing something alittle extra for your retiring firefighter!

Sure, you could go with a standard gift, and we’ve got those ideas too. Or sentimental, nothing wrong with being sentimental during retirement! Plus you might even want to make a speech, using some of these really great Firefighter Retirement Quotes.

But we all know that a little levity and some jokes before heading out on your next adventure help to break up the monotony of funeral like retirement speeches and people crying in the hallways.

So we present to you: 10 ridiculous and funny firefighter retirement gift ideas. Unless you really need formal firefighter retirement gifts… we’ve got those too!

Proceed with caution…

Funny, Silly, Gag Gifts for a Retiring Firefighter

Funny Firefighter Retirement Gifts

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