Planning your goals: Free Printable

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Are you looking for a simple solution for keeping track of your new year’s goals? I have THREE FREE printables that can help you stay organized in 2019.

This post isn’t about New Years Resolutions. Sure they are fun to do (obviously since I’m writing this!) but it doesn’t work for everyone. Like my Firefighter husband who hates resolutions. 

So this is a post where the printable will work for both resolutions AND goals all year long (depending on how you look at it!). I also included a monthly printable, instead of just yearly, so that you can take small steps to achieve a bigger goal.

It’s been proven that if you write down your goals, you are more likely to achieve them.

Because it is never too late to start a plan. 

Every January millions of people making pledges to do *something*. A pretty common one is to set a weight loss or fitness goal, which is why most gyms have a spike in attendance the first of the year. Other people pledge to quit smoking or save money. So a resolution is basically a year long goal- often times that has many micro steps. 

Do you want to be better in 2019?

So if your 2019 year goal is to be a better firefighter, you want to break that down into several categories. 

I’ve created a printable for the firefighter to fill out for his/her resolutions for the year. I also have a “goal/nonfirefighter” printable for the home life or for anytime throughout the year. 

Hopefully, you can place this in a visual place. Your Bathroom, your locker, your kitchen- somewhere that you can keep reminding yourself of what you want to accomplish. 

This also fits in most larger planners, and you can scale it down to place in other planners.

Simply reduce to 85% for most regular size planners (open in adobe reader) or 65% for mini planners (open in adobe reader).

If you are interested in the perfect planner for firefighters, I highly wrote about a planner that fits the firefighter lifestyle.

BUT if you don’t like that, please still make a plan somewhere. You are much more likely to complete goals and accomplish your dreams if you write down (or type out) your goals and dreams! 

Firefighter Goal Printable #firefightermotivation
Firefighter goal printable #firefightermotivation

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