Firefighter Motivational Quotes

Post Preview: Firefighters are Awesome. Here’s some memes to motivate our thin red line family.

This is part of a mini series for becoming the best Firefighter you can be in 2019.

I didn’t know if I should call this post positive affirmations or positive quotes or positive statements or positive motivational quotes… so I flipped a coin. 

So here’s some positive motivational quotes for firefighters. 

Why? Because it’s true. Firefighters are awesome. Firefighter’s also need to keep this awesomeness at the forefront of their mind. Not because they need to be cocky, but as a reminder about how important their job is!

Firefighters also need affirmations for mental health. Because we want them to know how valuable their life is. Because we want them to keep training and making themselves better.

And some of these are just great reminders of the firefighters you wanted to be when you first started the academy. 

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How can Positive Quotes help?

When you say something positive thats within your control , and truly believe that you can accomplish it. Things happen.

Huffpost did an article about how positive statements effect your life by stating “Affirmations refine your focus, help to generate creativity and, if you involve a spiritual element, they can even help to inspire real blessings.”

You’ll also find that many books and motivational speakers focus on an element of positive statements.

There are so many books that cover positive statements and motivational quotes! Some of my favorites are:

So enjoy these motivational quotes and check out some other inspirational posts on my meme/quote page!

If you are looking for some different self care options, check out this helpful list of quick destressors you can do on shift!

Firefighter affirmations

Positive affirmations, firefighter style.
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The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it
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Show Respect! Lt. And Firefighter Helmets
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Train to win, fire doesnt hand out participation trophies. #firefighter
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Do you have a favorite quote or saying that keeps you going when times are tough? Share it in the comments below! Also, hit us up on social media, we love to connect with our Fire Family!

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I am proud of the firefighter I have become. #Firefighter #mentalhealth
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