5 Life-Changing books for Firefighter Wives

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If I could go back 10 years and prepare myself for Firefighter Wife life…

Maybe I would have had an easier time with shift life, adding babies, and dealing with all of the worries and fears that come with being married to a Firefighter.

I laugh about it now, but as fate would have it, I learned much of what I know the hard way. You, my friend, hopefully have the privilege to learn about some of these things the easy way!

Below you’ll find 5 books that are transformational. I used life-changing in the title, and yes that’s true, but what these books can help you do is transform your life into the life you want.

Because when you are a Firefighter Wife it’s so easy to get caught up in the sacrifices, lost holidays, missed moments and the additional stress of worry that comes with the first responder field.

Thankfully though, you’ve got access to incredible resources to soften the blow, and we’ve got five of them to sink your teeth into that you’ll find helps with the small and big obstacles in the fire life. Not into books? This list of Fire Wife Podcasts might be a better start!

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The First Fire Wife Book I ever read

This was the very first book I had ever read about being a Fire Wife, long before my Husband had been hired on (he was still in Fire College) and it scared the piss outa me.

Seriously, it get’s really harrowing and it’s because the author, Susan, talks about the unthinkable. A LODD.

Here’s the spoiler alert, her husband pulls through unthinkable odds and survives. And that’s EXACTLY why you’ve got to read this book. You need to know that LODD threats are real, that you are stronger than your fears, and that you are not alone in your thoughts regarding the Fire Life.

Pickup The Fireman’s Wife today

Here’s the book I recommend you read first…

While I believe you should read all of the books here, if there is just one book to pick from, it should be this devotional made for Firefighter Marriages.

Your marriage will be tried and tested- everyone’s is! But there is something about being in a first responder relationship that adds in some complicated steps.

What you’ll find in this devotional is practical and applicable wisdom and advice, that is a great read for the Wife, but essential for the Husband.

It will help with clarity around the job, patience in growth, and builds the communication and trust necessary to have a healthy firefighter marriage.

Grab your copy of Bullet Proof Marriage

Another Devotional {made just for Firefighter Wives}

Maybe I’m a fan girl because I watched the author, Morgan, hand draw this book over several months on instagram… or maybe I’m a fan girl because this is the first of it’s kind!

That’s right friends, we’ve got a beautifully designed book straight from a Fire Wife, ready for you to sink into on those good days and bad days.

Inside this devotional you’ll find encouragement, companionship and impactful prayers that will help you grow in your trust. AND it is one of the top books I pick up on a regular basis! It is SO Good to have on hand for shift days (especially those ones where SHTF!)

Welcome to the Fire Wife club with Bride Behind the Boots Devotional

Highly Recommend this technical book with applicable steps for Fire Life

Sometimes I want soft and squishy, and sometimes I want someone to sit down and tell it to me straight!

So if your looking for the latter in a book form, look no further than Dr. Ohs technical breakdown of being married to a Firefighter.

Now- I need to share this with you for full clarity. The first few chapters are slower and some people find them hard to get through (something I’ve personally felt, and have discussed with other fire wives) BUT THE MIDDLE section is absolutely pure gold.

If the beginning doesn’t resonate with you, please skip ahead to chapter 3 or 4 and really dive into what Dr. Miranda Ohs covers from a technical and clinical standpoint. It is so important to read if you want to better understand A. what your firefighter sees on certain calls and B. how to help them decompress after long or bad calls.

Make sure you have a copy of Fully Involved– because you are only one bad call away from a different Firefighter coming home. (and it’s available for free! Try your first month of Kindle Unlimted Free and get Fully Involved for free too!)

Last but not least- get prepared as a Fire Wife

There’s a lot they don’t tell you as a Firefighter Wife. There’s things your Firefighter forgets to mention, doesn’t know how to communicate, or simply has never been taught.

When the department looks at their budget, they rarely consider things that the Fire Wife needs to know– especially those things that could potentially protect her or her firefighter from collateral damage.

Inside this series you’ll find real life stories, hard facts backed up with science, and practical steps you can take everyday to not only reduce the LODD anxiety- but proactively manage the warning signs of PTSD and Fire related risks that could hurt your family.

Add The Thin Red Hearts set to your Fire Wife Collection Today!

That’s all Friends!

But that’s not really all… there’s so much more to talk about when it comes to Fire Wife Life!

Interested in learning how to curb your LODD anxiety (you know, that sneaky devil that comes up every shift day?). Discover some tips for making LODD anxiety less scary.

Or maybe you’re looking for some community vibes?! I got you fire fam! You can peep this list of Instagram Fire Wive accounts that will leave you smiling, inspired and ready to take on fire life!

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