Enough Broken Families

The Fire Service saves Families around the world everyday- but at what sacrifice to our own?

Over 1000 Firefighter LODDs (line of duty deaths) happen each year...

1 %
of Fire Wives

They don’t know that there’s simple steps to keeping their family safe from many occupational threats 

1 %
Volunteer Firefighters

Aren’t Aware of the Long Term Risks that come from being in the Fire Service 

1 %
of Fire Families

Feel that they weren’t prepared to handle the risks from the job and had no idea that there were things they could do for prevention 

While most of us want to assume that our Firefighter’s station is doing everything they can to prevent injury, You also know that Firefighting is a business.

And I can promise you that your Firefighter is just another number to the accounting department. Business’s don’t think about people the same way that spouses do. 

Here’s the thing- most of our Firefighter’s stations are too busy saving up for the 1.5 million dollar truck, worried about response times and hiring new people (because the turnover is wack!).

Your firefighter is likely overwhelmed with all the new training and conferences and station politics- then pile on a lack of sleep, too many reports and it’s no wonder you don’t here much about how you can actually help.  

But you can help- in fact, you can help a lot. 

Inside is knowledge that will make a difference- The Difference between Life and Death

Learn About Protection for your Family and your Firefighter

Information so that you can be the Hero of your own story- instead of loosing sleep over the 'what-ifs'

Confidently Defend your Family from preventable illness and death

🔴 75% of first responders have PTSD 

🔴 Firefighters have a 200% risk for certain cancers 

🔴Firefighters are 50% more likely to commit suicide than the public

🔴Firefighters are 40% more like to have a cardiac related death

Nobody wants their Husband to be a LODD. 

And we ALL want our Families to grow old together. 

But for many years now Firefighters have been dying from preventable issues- leaving their families broken from something that should have never happened. 

Our goal is to equip you with the actionable steps you need to help your Firefighter and Save your Family. 

🔥 No more LODD anxiety. 

🔥 No More Broken Families. 

🔥 And a lot of Happy People making a difference for this generation of Firefighters and the NEXT!! (like our kiddos!)

Introducing a collection of prevention just for the Fire Wife

Gives you the confidence you need to love your spouse's job

Teaches you what to look out for and how to prepare for the risks you didn't even know were a problem

Makes it easy to keep your Firefighter Safe from avoidable problems related to firefighting ​

helps you focus on your Firefighter's biggest issues

The Thin Red Hearts Collection: Keeping Fire Families Safe and Healthy

Defend- Keeping Firefighter Cancer Away from your Homefront

Extinguish- A Story of Lodd Anxiety and how to remove the fears that drive it

Rescue- a toolkit for ptsd prevention and stories of Hope for those living with Firefighters dealing with PTSD


I had no idea that this was even a problem and why didn’t they tell us more about this when he got hired? I’m thankful you shared this with me! – Jennifer M. 

 My husband never shares this kind of stuff! He was a firefighter when we got married so there was no crash course for me – Erin L.

Welcome to my mission:
Reduce the number of Families broken by Fire Related Issues
and Help those Families who weren't aware of the risks

Welcome to a growing group of Fed up Fire Wives that want more for their families!

Together we can share the latest information that most people aren't aware of- so our firefighters can come home safe. Join the hundreds of Fire Families that want to make this thin red line the best place possible


It’s sad but true- the information that you need isn’t coming home. Ask any Fire widow and she will tell you, she didn’t know the risks like she does now. It’s time we give you the option to keep your firefighter healthy and safe with the latest in awareness and prevention

Email me for a refund- charisty@firedeptfamily.com

This is designed for career, volunteers and military- and while wildland can benefit, it doesn’t cover how things are different during wildland fire season. While everyone should know this information, wildland isn’t covered inside. 

Charisty is the main writer and researcher behind Fire Dept. Family. She has a Dual Master’s degree in Human Resources and Leadership (with several graduate counseling classes) and worked as a 6-12 grade educator for several years. She is married to her Firefighter/Paramedic and focuses on teaching Fire Families how to embrace the Fire life. 

This is designed for the Firefighter Spouse!  Firefighters can view free online classes at firehero.org (we are not affiliated with this!)