Must Listen Firefighter Wife Podcasts (Favorite Episodes for 2021)

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From Youtube to Instagram to Blogs… there’s so many ways to get the content you need! While Fire Wife Podcasts were almost nonexistent five years ago, we now have several to choose from!

Which is awesome! I personally love connecting with other people that ‘get my life’ and I’m sure you can relate. Sure blogs and videos are great, but sometimes you just need an audio show to really pass the time.

My favorite time to listen to podcasts is when I commute, there’s so many great places to give these online radio shows a listen! From working out, to going for a walk, to doing chores or other repetitive tasks; podcasts are a great way to listen while you do something simple and routine.

Let’s look at dedicated Fire Wife Shows as well as those where there is a guest episode or special feature. This way you can choose which host and episodes are best for you.

Plus we’ve got a post about general podcasts for Firefighters and EMS if you fit in that category, want a fresh perspective, or want to pass it on to your Firefighter.

Need more than Podcasts? We’ve got the top 5 books every Fire Wife needs in her hands!

Podcasts for Firefighter Wives

Dear Chiefs Podcast

Audra and Chelsi host a no BS talk radio about being married and supporting First Responders. They dive deep into Mental Health, Critical Incidents, and What to expect in Fire Life. I had a wonderful interview with them, you can listen on Apple or Spotify.

Standing Beside Our Heroes

Amber and Brittany, two Fire Wives that are also great friends, get together to share the real life in the Fire Life. They cover so much, from owning a business, to homeschooling, to solo parenting. Listen on Apple. OR Listen on Spotify.

Abi from Confession of a Firefighter Wife- Guest Episode

Abi, who runs a nonprofit for Fire Families, has guest posted on quite a few podcasts! One of my favorites is the episode on The Professional Brotherhood, Episode 13, Mental Health in the Brotherhood. Listen on Apple. Listen on Spotify.

Val Selby’s -Your Bold Life

Val is the Woman behind the popular website and Facebook Group, Wife Behind the Fire. She is moving on (looking towards retirement!) and has started sharing more about what life looks like after kids and in the final years of active Fire Life. Listen to Your Bold Life on Apple. Listen on Spotify.

Amy Porterfield

Amy is a Fire Wife, and she has a few candid episodes talking to her Firefighter. While most of her podcast is about business, I highly recommend episode 270, Behind the Scenes with My Better Half. Listen on Spotify or on Apple

How to fit Podcasts into Fire Wife Life

We’re all busy, that’s a given, but there are some times when Podcasts just make sense.

For me, shift days are a time to connect with others, and I enjoy tuning into Podcasts of other people who get this life. This also fits well because when my husband is off shift we are way more go go go, or just wanting to relax and kick back together without distractions!

Another great time to enjoy podcasts? Vacation! I know I know, you likely don’t want to think about work or careers on vacation, but looking for solutions while you aren’t actively in the mess can be so helpful for perspective!

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