Planning your goals: Free Printable

Printables for goal planner

Are you looking for a simple solution for keeping track of your new year’s goals? I have THREE FREE printables that can help you stay organized in 2019. This post isn’t about New Years Resolutions. Sure they are fun to do (obviously since I’m writing this!) but it doesn’t work for everyone. Like my Firefighter …

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A Fire Wife’s Prayer

a Fire Wife's Prayer

Are you a Fire Wife? Engaged to a Firefighter? Or dating one? If you’re in a relationship with a firefighter- you know that you think about them when they are gone. I know that some days, all I can do is think about my Firefighter. These thoughts vary. Some days they are tainted with worry. …

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The Truth about Firefighter Divorce Rates

Post Preview: The Truth About Firefighter Divorce isn’t always clear. When you look at the data about firefighter marriages you can see the trends relating to firefighter divorce rate. Divorce is a dirty word among firefighters. For years and years, the general thought is that Firefighters get divorced more than the general public. Not only that but they tend to …

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