A Fire Wife’s Prayer

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A Firefighter Wife’s Prayer is deep and moving, a request that her Firefighter stays safe through the calls, the bad memories, and the unpredictable accidents that come with the job.

If you’re in a relationship with a firefighter- you know that you think about them when they are gone.

I know that some days, all I can do is think about my Firefighter. (that’s called LODD anxiety BTW, it’s actually kinda normal.)

These thoughts vary. Some days they are tainted with worry. Other days we just thankful for all of their training.

Some days you might just try hard to preoccupy yourself and “forget” about any danger they could be in or the statistics about LODD’S

And for many fire wives, we think about our husband’s when they are off shift too.

Did that last call get to them? Are they irritable because of sleep deprivation or because of something else more serious? When was the last time they had blood work and a physical?

What the public doesn’t know about Firefighters 

When you talk to someone that’s not related to Firefighting and all of it’s various occupations, you get a lot of the same generic comments. Comments about how attractive they are, about how they could never run into a burning building, and comments assuming they get paid a lot to lay around all day. 

What the public doesn’t understand is how dangerous their job really is. This job is packed full of stress which leads to heart disease, toxic exposure which leads to cancer and trauma which leads to mental pain. 

The public doesn’t understand, truly, what a sacrifice our Fire Service Personal make when they sign up for the job (or when they volunteer).

It is a job worth doing, but it is never a walk in the park.  

So that is why Fire Wive’s Pray

Fire Wive’s DO know what their husbands go through. From long seasons in the forest, to rescue trucks that run nonstop for 24 hours. From calls that leave a permanent mark to calls that have them on cloud nine. 

We know that the statistics about divorce are ridiculously inflated and that mental health is drastically underplayed.

We also know that they have signed up to save lives, and that is their calling. We support them, even when it scares us.

Fire Wives know that our firemen need us to stay strong. So we pray. For them. For Us. For the Fire family and the public. 

And we trust that a higher power will carry us through.

We Pray for the PTSD that sneaks up out of nowhere, and we pray for our understanding that we don’t know what the bigger plan is.

Fire Wives need to stick together

We need to come together for our Fire Family. New, old, ones that have been married twice. This superficial stuff doesn’t need to be a priority. 

What needs to be a priority is praying for these firefighters. 

For bringing awareness to them and the public about the dangers of the job. 

For helping those that have lost their firefighters and working twice as help prevent it in the future. 

Help him carry on despite what he has seen. #firefighter #firewifelife


So Fire Wives, let’s do our best to stay positive and enjoy this ride.

Our Fire Family needs it as it grows in numbers- we don’t want these negative statistics to become any higher. 

If you feel driven to help others, look at what you can do locally or online. To spread awareness, to fundraise, to mentor. For many of us, this isn’t just a job, it has become an extended family. 

And family never leaves anyone behind. 

Do you have something specific you pray for your firefighter? What about things your firefighter might pray for, for you?

May my Firefighter Always be faster than the flames #firewifeprayer #firefighterwife
Lord, Please give my firefighter strength today, even when he is tired. #firewifeprayer #firefighterwife

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