Fireman Sensory activity for toddlers and preschoolers

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Do you have a Firefighter obsessed kiddo? Or just looking for activities for Fire Safety Week? This Firefighter sensory activity is a fun twist on an old classic! Perfect for a Firefighter themed day.

Firefighters and Sensory Fun!

This sensory activity is comprised of several different “bags of fire” that kids can mush up and play with. Perfect for when you need 20 minutes to get something done!

I actually got 30 minutes out of this activity because the kids switched back and forth between the three bags. That’s a bonus in my book!


We used a few different things for our sensory bags!

Gallon sized plastic bags

painters/packing tape (NON NEGOTIABLE- you need tape!)

Shaving cream

Food coloring

Paint in orange, yellow and red



Sensory Bags

For the three bags I choose to do:

Shaving cream and food coloring

Flour and Paint

Shaving Cream and Glitter

Next you seal the bags and TAPE them. I choose to tape some of them to the table, and the others to our dinner mats. The most important part is that the kids can’t accidentally (or purposefully) open the bags.

PRO TIP: Leave enough room in the bags for when the kids want to press on them, so they don’t accidentally pop!

Paint and Flour
Shaving Cream and Food Coloring

Shaving Cream and Glitter

Enrichment Activity

Looking to take your activity up a notch? I know I’m always looking for ways to increase the usefulness of a project (especially when you have different age groups!)

While my oldest wasn’t ready for letters- adding letter or shape cards is a great way to spice up this sensory activity! Learning can be fun.


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Firefighter Sensory Activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Perfect boredom buster, rainy day activity, or summer boredom activity!

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