Outdoor Firefighter Water Play for kids

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Do you have your own future firefighter who is obsessed with all things red and like to shout out “Emergency!” when they see a firetruck? Yeah, that’s my kid. So we have a few fun firefighter activities we love to role-play!

Let’s Play Firefighter!

My kids want to do all. the. firefighter. things. Obsession doesn’t even begin to cover it! So when we find a winner, we stick with it!

This fun outdoor firefighter activity gives me at least 20 minutes of “quiet time”. You know, that time you need to mentally relax without worrying about what your kids are doing!

This is also a great activity for groups or birthday parties. It’s easy to set up and easy to clean up!

Firefighter Play Set up

Ok, so let’s look at the set up for this outdoor Firefighter play activity.



Water bucket

Water cannon (or other water squirter)

Firefighter Helmet (we’ve got to play the part!)

Set Up:

Here’s the thing. It’s crazy easy to set up, clean up and it gives you lots of play time! Win/win!

Simply draw your building, and pick some windows to make some fire. I normally draw a few buildings so that way the kids are preoccupied for longer.

Then let the kids use the water cannon to “put out the fire!”.

Next time I do this activity I think I’ll try some colored shaving cream for the “fire”. Could be a next step up activity!


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outdoor Firefighter role-play for toddlers and preschoolers! Great for those days you need to get outside and have something quick and fun to do!

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