Collection of Firefighter Movies

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originally published July 2018

Movies. We love em. We hate em. They make us cry, laugh and groan. Often times they are insanely inaccurate of how fire life really works. But we still watch them! Which leads me to this list.  I wanted to make a list of movies so I can fall back on them whenever (especially the kids ones!) and though it would be nice to share. (since sharing is caring)

These movies are in no particular order- because how can you rate the awesomeness of some of these movies!

I tried not to list anything before 1940, because I’m not sure where you’d even get it at. I also didn’t list many TV shows since we’re talking about movies here. I’m still waiting for a legit firefighter themed tv show that’s not full of drama and more true to what actually happens. We’ll just have to wait and see for that!

You can hate me for that, but they are so full of drama (and we have enough in our real lives) that I just couldn’t bare to list them. Maybe I’ll make another blog post about them one day, I’m sure more will come out, as the general public just eats them up! 

So grab the popcorn, many of these firefighter movies can be streamed but some will require some preplanning to purchase online and have delivered.

family friendly options

Elmo visits the Firehouse 

FireMan Sam (Alien Alert and Ultimate Heroes)

Planes: Fire and rescue

The Ultimate list of Firefighter Movies (tv shows not included)

Firefighter Movies that are 20+ years old (from before 2000)

🔥 Ablaze

🔥 Backdraft

🔥 Firestorm

🔥 Fire! Trapped on the 37th floor. 

🔥 Crash landing: the rescue of flight 232

🔥 Hellfighters 

🔥 The bells go down

🔥 Always- 1989

🔥 City on Fire

🔥 False Alarms (FF)

🔥 Firehouse (1987)

🔥 The Towering Inferno

Firefighter Movies that have been made in the last 20 years

🔥 Blue Smoke 2007- A female arson investigator gets the case of a lifetime as she hunts a serial arsonist who has a connection to her past.

🔥 Collateral Damage – not much of a firefighter movie, but the main character is a firefighter who is basically special ops, as he goes to Columbia to avenge his family killed in a terrorist attack.

🔥 Fireproof – heralded by some firefighters and hated by others, it’s a “self help in a movie form” for relationships, especially for first responders.

🔥 Ladder 49 – if you are ready for an absolute gut wrencher (and something every probationary firefighter should watch along with only the brave listed below) Ladder 49 is the inside look for a Firefighter trapped in a burning building.

🔥 Only The Brave – the true story of the granite mountain hotshots. This crew steered away from the black and trudged across unburned land. But nobody knows why. Watch the movie and find out what happened with the real life survivors

🔥 Burn-2012 movie- is an action pack docudrama about Detroit Firefighters. Best part, proceeds from the movie benefit Detroit Firefighters with much needed equipment. Find out more

🔥 Fire with Fire- Action meets thriller in this 2012 movie about a rogue Firefighter going after a murderer.

🔥 I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry- this 2007 comedy is about two firefighters that “have to” get hitched for benefits and life insurance in NYPD. it’s an adam sandler humor fest, and in 2020, became available for streaming on Netflix.

🔥 Frequency – in a Time Travel Twist, a Deceased Firefighter Father is able to communicate with his son 30 years into the future. The kid obviously warns his dad about being killed, and prevents it, but also causes a ton of messes along the way.

🔥 Fahrenheit 451- based on the dystopian book, a Firefighter who is responsible for burning all books and written materials, finds an underground operation committed to saving books. It’s the ultimate good vs. evil

Hallmark/Made for TV Firefighter movies (watch for these around christmas time!)

A firefighter for christmas 

The nine lives of christmas 

Second Chances

 A Firefighter Christmas 

One True Love 


Not in English – Firefighter movies

As the light goes out


A dangerous summer (??)

The Tower

Out of inferno 

Burning Flame 

Wrapping it up

Didn’t see one of your favorites listed? Leave me a comment!

I know that Netflix and Amazon are always adding new movies these days! So maybe we’ll see some more great additions to our collection of flicks.

Until then- watch the classics!

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