Collection of Firefighter Movies

Long list of firefighter movies (with family friendly options!)

Hey Fire Family!

Movies. We love em. We hate em. They make us cry, laugh and groan. Often times they are insanely inaccurate of how fire life really works. But we still watch them! Which leads me to this list.  I wanted to make a list of movies so I can fall back on them whenever (especially the kids ones!) and though it would be nice to share. (since sharing is caring)

These movies are in no particular order- because how can you rate the awesomeness of some of these movies!

I tried not to list anything before 1940, because I’m not sure where you get get it at. I also did NOT LIST ANY TV SHOWS. 

You can hate me for that, but they are so full of drama (and we have enough in our real lives) that I just couldn’t bare to list them. Maybe I’ll make another blog post about them one day, I’m sure more will come out, as the general public just eats them up! 

So grab the popcorn, many of these can be streamed but some will require some preplanning to purchase online and have delivered.

We’ll start with the family friendly options

Firehouse Dog

Commander Courage in the Fire Station

Elmo visits the Firehouse 

FireMan Sam (Alien Alert and Ultimate Heroes)

Planes: Fire and rescue 

Chugginton- the train show on Netflix, in later episodes one of the trains becomes a First Responder.

The Ultimate list of Movies (tv shows not included)

Pre 2000




Fire! Trapped on the 37th floor. 

Crash landing: the rescue of flight 232


The bells go down

Always- 1989

City on Fire

False Alarms (FF)

Firehouse (1987)

The Towering Inferno

After 2000

Blue Smoke

Collareral Damage


Ladder 49

Only The Brave 


Fire with Fire 

I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry

Granite Mountain


Fahrenheit 451

Hallmark/Made for TV movies (watch for these around christmas time!)

A firefighter for christmas 

The nine lives of christmas 

Second Chances

 A Firefighter Christmas 

One True Love 


Not in English 

As the light goes out


A dangerous summer (??)

The Tower

Out of inferno 

Burning Flame 

Didn’t see one of your favorites listed? Leave me a comment!

I know that Netflix and Amazon are always adding new movies these days! So maybe we’ll see some more great additions to our collection of flicks.

Until then- watch the classics!

P.S. Want to know how you can help out Firefighters. Check out our LODD and Mental Health Resources here.

Firefighter, Movies, Firemen, Thin Red Line
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The Ultimate List of Firefighter Movies (with Family Friendly Options!)
Firefighter, Movies, Firemen, Thin Red Line
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